Query Worksets

To get the Worksets in a document us the Query Worksets+ v1.2 component. Right click on the Kind (K) to Expose Picker.

Active Workset

To get the Active Workset use the Active Workset+ v1.2 component. You can also Set the Active Workset when the input is added via the Zoom UI.

Ensure Workset

To make sure that a particular user created Workset is in the document use the Ensure Workset+ v1.10 component. This is also the way to create a new Workset in the document.

Delete Workset

To delete a Workset in the REvit document use the Delete Workset+ v1.9 component.

Element Workset

To Get or Set a Elements Workset use the Element Workset+ v1.2 component.

Workset Global Visibility

To Get or Set the Global Visibility of a Workset with the Workset Global Visibility+ v1.12 component.

Workset View Override

Get-Set workset visibility overrides on the specified View with Workset Visibility Overrides+ v1.12 component. To select the particular override option Right Click on Visibility to Expose Picker.

Workset Identity

Workset properties Get-Set access component to workset information with the Workset Identity+ v1.2 component. To rename a Workset use the ZUI to expose the Name property.

Element Ownership Information

Use the Element Ownership+ v1.6 component to get Element Ownership properties.

Document Worksharing Information

Use the Document Worksharing+ v1.0 component to Get Document Worksharing properties.

Document Server Information

Us the Document Server+ v1.0 component to get Document Server properties.