Querying Assemblies

Use the Query Assemblies+ v1.2 component to find all the existing Assemblies in the project.

In Revit API, Worksets are represented by the DB.AssemblyInstance.

Finding Specific Assembly

To find a Assembly by name use the Query Assemblies+ v1.2 component.

Reading Assembly Elements

Get or Set Assembly Elements using the Assembly Members+ v1.2 component.

Creating an Assembly

Create a new Assembly Type with the Assemble Elements+ v1.2 component.

Adding Assembly to Project

Add an Assembly Type to a Project Location with the Add Assembly+ v1.2 component.

Disassemble Assembly

Disassemble Assembly instance with the Disassemble Assembly+ v1.2 component.

Assembly Origin

Get and Set the Assembly Origin with the Assembly Origin+ v1.9 component.