Both Rhino files and Grasshopper definitions can be integrated into Autodesk BIM360®. The most recent files will be available to all team members as part of the project. All files will benefit from the backup, versioning and file locking that Autodesk BIM360® offers.

By using the BIM360 File Locker plugin:

  • Files will lock if currently open, or manually marked as locked by another person
  • Alerts to the lock status will be displayed
  • Files will sync with Autodesk BIM360® when saved
  • This will work for both Rhino and Grasshopper files
  • The plugin works if using Rhino.Inside.Revit, or running Rhino outside of Revit

To install the BIM360Locker plugin from Rhino:

  1. Type PackageManager in Rhino
  2. Search for “BIM360”
  3. Select the BIM360FileLocker plugin from the list
  4. Click on Install

For details on install, configuration and use of the Autodesk BIM360® File Locker for Rhino 23 see the video:

BIM360 File Locker is an Open-Source project by Ehsan Iran-Nejad