Querying Levels

In Revit API, Levels of all types are represented by the DB.Level. The Level primitive in Rhino.Inside.Revit represents a Revel.

Pick Existing Level

The Levels Picker component provides a searchable list of all project Levels.

You can also use the Level Parameter to choose an existing level. Right-click the Level primitive gives access to various Level functions.

Query Levels by Criteria

The Query Levels component allows you to filter a Level by its System properties.

Query Level Types

See Modifying Types for getting Level Type Information.

Analyzing Levels

Level Identity

Provided a Level, the Level Identity+ v1.0 component inspects the standard level properties.

Getting Level Plane

Passing a Level to a Plane component, will extract the XY plane at the levels’ elevation.

Creating Levels

Given an Elevation the Add Level will add a Level to the Project.