Rhino for the Jeweler

Rhino powers the jewelry industry’s design needs, from the smallest boutique to the world’s largest manufacturers! Enjoy the complete freedom to design and manufacture as far as your imagination can take you. Rhino also serves as a host platform for several industry-leading jewelry design plugins such as CrossGems, Stuller’s MatrixGold®, and CounterSketch® to make designing even faster and more efficient. Whether you’re doing signature custom designs or mass manufacturing, Rhino can help.

Freedom to Design

Rhino is one of the best tools for exploring and developing a wide range of designs. The general modeling tools allow a highly flexible way to bring designs into 3D.

  • Model using accurate NURBS geometry.
  • Visualize changes in realtime.
  • Measure mass properties.
  • Training materials, videos, and support are available.
Download Rhino 8 Evaluation for Windows or Mac.

Visualize Before Casting

Use renderings to sell your work without the expense of building each piece. Rhino is a great tool for visualizing designs from illustrations to photorealistic renderings. To help, Rhino supports many popular rendering plugins.

  • Advanced display for realtime rendering.
  • Multiple illustrative display modes.
  • Ability to make images 2D for illustrated graphics.
  • Multiple view layouts.
  • Work with popular graphics products for output (V-Ray, KeyShot).

Digital Manufacturing

Rhino can be tightly integrated into any step of the manufacturing process. Whether ordering raw casting or using digital fabrication methods and 3D printing, Rhino models can be used to create accurate, symmetrical, detailed models for casting.

  • Output accurate geometry for fabrication.
  • Export accurate 2D drawings and stunning renderings.
  • Export accurate 3D STL files for 3D printing on the jewelry industry’s most popular 3D printers: EnvisionTec, Asiga, 3D Systems, Solus, SolidScape.
  • Prepare files for CNC cutting directly within Rhino using CNC plugins such as RhinoCAM or JewelryCAM.
  • Drive advanced robots for custom automated fabrication.

Fabrication Resources for Rhino

Industry Standard Modeling Plugins

The jewelry industry’s largest suppliers and manufacturers use Rhino. Brand-specific plugins allow Rhino to link 3D models to realtime inventory such as gemstones, mountings, and findings. Several direct integration plugins allow for realtime product customization and online ordering of manufactured designs.

Generative Design Tools

by Panther3D

Rhino is one of the best tools for exploring and developing a wide range of solutions. Go far beyond what has been previously possible to design or fabricate with the additional information Grasshopper can generate. It is Rhino’s algorithmic design tool, which is included in Rhino to help you:

  • Create parametric systems to explore the design solution.
  • Explore organic repetition with local variations.
  • Integrate intelligent data sets within the design process.
  • Use form optimization and organizational topologies with analytics.

Grasshopper Resources for Jewelers

Industry Support

The most acclaimed jewelry design software also has the best training outlets available. Find training through some of the world’s most respected jewelry education institutions and online training sites. Just a small list of hundreds of training outlets worldwide:

Other Resources for Jewelers