There are three ways to license Rhino:

  1. Cloud Zoo - Make your licenses available anywhere in the world through a login.
  2. Single-Computer - License Rhino to one single computer.
  3. LAN Zoo - Float a set of Rhino licenses within your private network.

The Cloud Zoo is the best way for most people to license Rhino:

Easy Setup
Run Anywhere
License Available Offline
License All Your Computers
Share Your Licenses*
Manage Teams Worldwide
Track License Usage
No Client Configuration
No Servers to Maintain
Automated License Provisioning
Cloud Zoo
Single Computer
*Educational single-user and Not For Resale single-user licenses cannot be shared.

Cloud Zoo Licensing


Cloud Zoo benefits:

  • Cloud Zoo is free to set up and manage through Rhino Accounts.
  • For individual users, use your Rhino Accounts login to use Rhino. This means Rhino can be used on any computer.
  • For corporations and schools, Cloud Zoo can simplify license distribution. Organizations can create a pool of licenses and share licenses with team members.
  • Work online or offline. No need to check out licenses, so you should not be caught out on the road without a license.
  • Licensing works without a constant internet connection.
  • Let McNeel manage the license server infrastructure.

Teams on the Cloud Zoo

For corporations and schools, the Cloud Zoo supports the creation of teams. Teams are groups of people that can use a set of licenses in the Zoo.

Domain Linked Teams

For easier administration of larger teams, accounts linked through a domain can be set up. Anybody with an email address matching that domain can automatically join your domain-linked team and have access to your licenses - no invitation email verification is required. Domain-linked teams support custom authentication providers (Google, Active Directory, or One Login) to keep your user management centralized. Link your team to a domain.

Cloud Zoo Options

Single-Computer Licensing

Single-Computer licensing will lock a license directly to a specific computer. You can move a license to a different computer. Simply remove it from the old one and install it on the new one, with no need to contact McNeel & Associates. If you want to share your license across multiple computers, add your license to the Cloud Zoo instead.

LAN Zoo Licensing

LAN Zoo server software is free to download and run on a server in a private network. With the LAN Zoo manage all your licenses centrally from the LAN Zoo server, making them available to anybody on your private network. Access from home or satellite offices requires a VPN connection.

See the LAN Zoo website for more details….