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No annual maintenance. Unlimited support is included with all McNeel products.

Forum, Email, Chat, or Call

  • Forum - The Rhino forum is monitored 24x7 by experts around the world. It is usually the quickest and highest quality support available.
  • Community - The Rhino Community where users learn, teach, and share all things Rhino-related.
  • Email - Please email us when you have something that is of a more confidential nature. We can usually get back to you quickly during our Seattle office hours.*
  • Chat - For a quick question during Seattle office hours,* chat can be quick and very efficient.
  • Phone - (206) 545-6877 during Seattle office hours* to help us clearly understand your problem. We would be delighted to hear from you.

*Seattle Office Hours - Monday-Friday, 8-noon and 1-5pm Pacific Time. Closed most holidays.

If none of the above works, contact me directly.  Email or call (206) 634-4577. I'll try to find someone who can help. - Bob McNeel

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