Loading Rhino.Inside.Revit

One Revit is loaded, click on the Rhino button under Revit > Addins tab to load the Rhino.Inside.Revit

Button Click Modes

  • Ctrl

→ Click

Launches the Rhino 7 about window that shows the exact version number

  • Ctrl
  • Shift

→ Click

Launches the debug info collector window. See Submitting Debug Info under Troubleshooting

Rhino.Inside.Revit Tab

Once Rhino.Inside.Revit is loaded and licensed, it creates a new ribbon in Revit interface named Rhinoceros

Here is a description of the buttons and functionality available on this ribbon.

Rhinocerous Panel

Help Contains links to all the help resources for Rhino.inside Revit
Rhino The Rhino icon will start Rhino to run inside Revit. Grasshopper can also be run from within that Rhino instance
  • Ctrl

→ Click:

Launches Rhino window only

Import Import Rhino 3dm files into Revit
Preview Previews geometry that is open in Rhino, inside Revit
Python Run the Rhino.Python editor that can be used to write Python scripts that combine both the Rhino and Revit API in the same script. See Sample 7 for a detailed look at the Python code
  • Ctrl

→ Click:

Launches Python Editor window only

Grasshopper Panel

Grasshopper Open the Grasshopper Canvas in Revit
  • Ctrl

→ Click:

Launches Grasshopper window only

Player The Grasshopper Player will run any existing Grasshopper definition and immediately return to Revit
Off Turns off the real-time preview by Grasshopepr in Revit
Wireframe Grasshopper will use a wireframe display for real-time preview of geometry in Revit
Shaded Grasshopper will use a shaded display mode for real-time preview of geometry in Revit
Recompute Forces a recompute to the loaded Grasshopper definitions
Category Selector Bake tool uses this selected category to bake the geometry into Revit
Bake Selected Bakes the currently selected Rhino Geometry into the currently selected Category in Revit