Upcoming Changes


  • Added suppport for Revit 2025.
  • Implemented casting from View to ModelView in Rhino 8.


v1.21 RC4

v1.21.8872.10624 @ 04/17/2024

  • Misc Improvements

v1.21 RC3

v1.21.8858.5078 @ 04/02/2024

  • Added Component Family Mesh+ v1.21 component.
  • Updated View Range+ v1.14 to be also a setter.
  • Now Graphical Element is able to grab selected linked elements when in ‘Active Selection’. (Revit 2023)
  • Now Select Element is able to work with linked elements. (Revit 2023)

v1.21 RC2

v1.21.8851.16232 @ 03/27/2024

  • Added Add Multi-Grid+ v1.21 component.
  • Now ‘Category Identity’ works with built-in Categories.
  • Now ‘Built-In Categories’ has a right click options to filter by Category Type.
  • Now ‘Built-In Categories’ has a right click options to filter by Category Discipline.
  • Added Discipline input to Query Categories+ v1.0 component.
  • Added Discipline output to Category Identity+ v1.0 component.
  • Improved Element Parameter when dealing with elements that have several parameters with the same name.
  • Fix on Add Wall (Profile)+ v1.0 when using slanted profiles.

v1.21 RC1

v1.21.8836.21811 @ 03/17/2024

  • Misc Fixes and Improvements


v1.20.8836.21283 @ 03/17/2024

  • Fixed ‘Symbolic’ input on ‘Component Family Curve’ component. #1061
  • Fixed ‘Revit geometry is not accepted into New Component Family component’ #1051
  • Includes all changes under 1.20 RC releases listed below

v1.20 RC2

v1.20.8823.22283 @ 03/09/2024

  • Misc Fixes and Improvements

v1.20 RC1

v1.20.8816.29607 @ 02/20/2024

  • Misc Fixes and Improvements


v1.19.8816.24975 @ 02/20/2024

  • Includes all changes under 1.19 RC releases listed below

v1.19 RC2

v1.19.8797.16328 @ 01/02/2024

  • Re-Released with newly signed libraries and installer


v1.18.8797.15011 @ 01/02/2024

  • Re-Released with newly signed libraries and installer

v1.19 RC2

v1.19.8780.23124 @ 01/16/2024

  • Improves Level Identity+ v1.0
  • Improves Project Location

v1.19 RC1

v1.19.8780.17135 @ 01/15/2024

  • Misc Fixes and Improvements


v1.18.8780.17023 @ 01/15/2024

  • Includes all changes under 1.18 RC releases listed below

v1.18 RC4

v1.18.8753.16182 @ 12/19/2023

  • Improved ‘Add Wall (Profile)’ component to accept non vertical profiles.

v1.18 RC3

v1.18.8746.17424 @ 12/12/2023

  • Misc Fixes and Improvements

v1.18 RC2

v1.18.8739.18374 @ 12/05/2023

  • Added Open View+ v1.18 component

v1.18 RC1

v1.18.8734.21200 @ 11/28/2023

  • Nothing new.


v1.17.8734.20954 @ 11/28/2023

Rhino.Inside.Revit now supports Rhino 8!

[ v8.1 and above ]

  • Renamed ‘Document Warnings’ -> Query Warnings+ v1.10 .
  • Added context menu to Built-In Failure Definitions+ v1.10 to filter by severity.
  • Improved element-tracking on views.
  • Fix on Annotation Leaders+ v1.12 component when used on an ARDB.TextNote.
  • Fix on Query Sheets+ v1.2 when wildcard is used as input.
  • Fixed a bug that makes Grasshopper previews visible on Revit type preview dialog.
  • Fix on PersistentParam context menu when it contains deleted elements.
  • Fix on Material conversion on Rhino 8.
  • Implemented conversion from ‘Element’ to ‘Model Content’ on some types.

v1.17 RC1

v1.17.8620.27747 @ 08/08/2023

  • Misc fixes and improvements


v1.16.8620.27325 @ 08/08/2023

  • Added ‘Add Toposolid’ component. (Autodesk Revit® 2024)
  • Added ‘Add Toposolid Sub-Division’ component. (Autodesk Revit® 2024)
  • Added Component References+ v1.16 component.
  • Added Component Reference Plane+ v1.16 component.
  • Added Reference Annotations+ v1.16 component.
  • Improved Host Shape+ v1.9 performance.
  • Renamed Query View Elements+ v1.16 -> Query Graphical Elements .
  • Now Query Graphical Elements filters out hidden UI Categories.
  • Added ‘Is Visible UI’ to Query Categories+ v1.0 and Category Identity+ v1.0 .
  • Added Query View Elements+ v1.16 component.
  • Added Query View Owned Elements+ v1.16 component.
  • Added Query Title Blocks+ v1.16 component.
  • Added Query Viewports+ v1.16 component.
  • Fixed ‘Element Name’ when used to rename Subcategories in multiple families at once. #898
  • Fix on Query Categories+ v1.0 it should output ordered by id.
  • Fix on Query Graphical Elements when a <None> category is used.
  • Element Subcategory+ v1.8 compoennt now works on GenericForm elements.
  • Added Add Schedule Graphics+ v1.16 component. #871
  • Fix on DirectShape components.
  • Renamed ‘Analyze Instance Space’ -> Component Neighbours+ v1.0 .
  • Updated Topological components to return linked elements.

v1.16 RC1

v1.16.8596.34292 @ 07/15/2023

  • Misc fixes and improvements


v1.15.8596.34075 @ 07/15/2023

  • Added Element Owner View+ v1.15
  • Added Curve Point References+ v1.15
  • Exposed Sketch Lines+ v1.0
  • Includes all changes under 1.15RC releases listed below

v1.15 RC2

v1.15.8571.17168 @ 06/20/2023

  • Fix on Add Region+ v1.8 component when ‘Line Style’ input is used.
  • Fix on Add Work Plane (Face)+ v1.12 when used on linked model faces.
  • Added ‘Sketch Lines’ component.
  • Added ‘Lines’ output to ‘Element References’ component.
  • Added ‘Curve Point References’ component.
  • Implemented casting for ‘Face’ -> ‘Category’ & ‘Material’
  • Added ‘Element View’ component to query for the owner view of an element.
  • Implemented casting for ‘View’ -> ‘Sheet’ & ‘Viewport’ (when placed on a sheet)
  • Implemented casting for ‘Viewport’ -> ‘View’ & ‘Sheet’

v1.15 RC1

v1.15.8557.7999 @ 06/07/2023

  • Misc fixes and improvements


v1.14.8557.24642 @ 06/07/2023

  • Includes all changes under 1.14RC releases listed below
  • Misc fixes and improvements

v1.14 RC4

v1.14.8543.20042 @ 05/23/2023

  • Now Area, Room and Space Tag components require a View.
  • Added ‘Area Scheme’ parameter.
  • Made Add Elevation Marker+ v1.13 component hidden.

v1.14 RC3

v1.14.8536.14258 @ 05/19/2023

  • Added Element References+ v1.14 component.
  • Added Element Visibility+ v1.13 component.
  • Added Elevation Filter+ v1.14 component.

v1.14 RC2

v1.14.8529.14229 @ 05/09/2023

  • Added ‘Add Beam System’ component.
  • Added ‘Add Truss’ component.
  • Renamed component ‘Add Structural Foundation’ to ‘Add Foundation (Isolated)’.
  • Added ‘Add Foundation (Slab)’ component.
  • Added ‘Add Foundation (Wall)’ component.

v1.14 RC1

v1.14.8510.35994 @ 04/20/2023

  • Minimum Rhino version is now 7.28.
  • Added support for ‘Autodesk Revit® 2024’
  • Added ‘View Range Elevations’ component.


v1.13.8511.13600 @ 04/20/2023

  • Includes all changes under 1.13RC releases listed below
  • Added Text Note parameter
  • Added Point Cloud parameter
  • Misc fixes and improvements

v1.13 RC6

v1.13.8494.18380 @ 04/04/2023

  • Improved Element Host+ v1.0 component, now identifies more types.
  • Fixed Query Areas+ v1.7 on areas that have internal loops.
  • Fixed Clone Element+ v1.6 when cloning named elements.
  • Element Location and Bounding Box components can now correctly provide location and bounds info for a Revit Scope Box .
  • Fixed issue with not reading Admin configuration file correctly

v1.13 RC5

v1.13.8486.7511 @ 03/28/2023

  • Fixed Annotation References+ v1.12 component when the referenced element is a Rebar
  • Fixed AssemblyResolver. Now first call to RhinoCommon fully loads it

v1.13 RC4

v1.13.8480.18315 @ 03/21/2023

  • Renamed ‘Annotation’ panel to ‘Annotate’.
  • Merged ‘Build’, ‘Host’ and ‘Wall’ panel under a new ‘Architecture’ panel.
  • Moved structural element creation components to ‘Structure’ panel.
  • Moved Component Family related components to ‘Component’ panel.
  • Renamed ‘Host Inserts’ component to Host Inserts+ v1.0 .
  • Now Host Inserts+ v1.0 keep linked elements on linked documents.
  • Fixd a bug on Add Region+ v1.8 component ‘Line Style’ input when used on a Family document. #788
  • Fixed a bug on previews when there are Groups on the canvas.
  • Now Save Component Family+ v1.0 treats relative paths as temporary.
  • Now Save Component Family+ v1.0 has a ‘Path’ output to allow chaining with ‘Load Component Family’.
  • Now New Component Family creates a Work Plane-Based family when no template is provided.
  • Added ‘Offset from Host’ parameters to work plane-based components.

v1.13 RC3

v1.13.8474.22250 @ 03/15/2023

  • Added Add Component (Curve)+ v1.13 component.
  • Added Add Column+ v1.13 component.
  • Added Query Cloud Points+ v1.13 component.

v1.13 RC2

v1.13.8466.15699 @ 03/07/2023

  • Improved how components recognize verticality in Revit
  • Now the Grasshopper Editor window stays at same position after picking from Revit.

v1.13 RC1

v1.13.8458.21732 @ 02/28/2023

  • Added Add Elevation Marker+ v1.13 component.
  • Added Add Component (Work Plane)+ v1.13 .


v1.12.8449.6358 @ 02/28/2023

  • Added Annotation Leaders+ v1.12 component.
  • Added Query Area Schemes+ v1.12 component.
  • Added Add Work Plane (Face)+ v1.12 component.

v1.12 RC4

v1.12.8438.12884 @ 02/07/2023

  • Added Annotation References+ v1.12 component.
  • Added Image Type Path+ v1.12 component.
  • Added Horizontal Align and Vertical Align inputs to Add Text+ v1.8 component.

v1.12 RC3

v1.12.8431.23288 @ 01/31/2023

  • Updated MeshEncoder to produce Meshes whithout internal wires. (Revit 2023)

v1.12 RC2

v1.12.8425.21537 @ 01/24/2023

  • Added View Crop Region+ v1.12 component.
  • Added Add Section View+ v1.12 component.
  • Added Add Detail View+ v1.12 component.
  • Updated Add 3D View+ v1.0 component, now it takes a Frame as input.
  • Now ‘View’ bake creates a named View in Rhino.
  • Now ‘Open Viewport` grabs Revit active view settings.
    • If CTRL is pressed grabs orientation.
    • If SHIFT is also pressed zoom is also applied.

v1.12 RC1

v1.12.8417.6530 @ 01/17/2023

  • Fixed Add Rule-based Filter name is getting an unexpected integer added in creation. #754
  • Added Rule-based Filter Definiton+ v1.12 component.
  • Added Workset Global Visibility+ v1.12 component.
  • Added Workset Visibility Overrides+ v1.12 component. #753


v1.11.8425.15605 @ 01/10/2023

  • Fix for “Comments” parameter DataType.
  • Improved Types.CurtainGridLine previews.
  • Improved conversion from CurtainGrid and CurtainCell to Brep.
  • Fixed Types.Panel and Types.PanelType recognizing a ARDB.FamilyInstance as valid.
  • Implemented Previews on Types.CurtainCell.
  • Fixed Element Type component when managing Types.Panel elements.
  • Improved Element Host+ v1.0 for walls that are member of a stacked wall.
  • Now conversion from Wall to Surface gives a Brep correctly oriented.

v1.11 RC2

v1.11.8402.17166 @ 01/03/2023

  • Added Sheet Revisions+ v1.11 component.
  • Moved Add Revision+ v1.8 and Query Revisions+ v1.8 to the View panel.
  • Added Add Detail Group+ v1.11 component.
  • Now Create Group Type+ v1.0 works across documents.
  • Added Graphic Overrides+ v1.11 component.
  • Added Category Graphic Overrides+ v1.11 component.
  • Added Element Graphic Overrides+ v1.11 component.
  • Added Filter Graphic Overrides+ v1.11 component.
  • Added View Filters+ v1.11 component.
  • Added Query Fill Patterns+ v1.11 component.

v1.11 RC1

v1.11.8390.7504 @ 12/20/2022

  • Added Add Image Type+ v1.11 component.
  • Added Add Image+ v1.11 component. (Revit 2020)
  • Fixed ‘Element Geometry’ to work with FamilySymbol.
  • Added ARDB.AppearanceAssetElement.ToRenderMaterial extension method.


v1.10.8390.5758 @ 12/20/2022

  • Now ‘Import 3DM’ imports block geometry in families.
  • Now Baked blocks name use :: as a separator.
  • Now ‘Light Source’ category ís hidden and transparent by default on bake.
  • Added some null checking at Add Region+ v1.8 component.
  • Added some null checking at Add DirectShape (Geometry) component.
  • Now Raster Images do have preview in Grasshopper.
  • Fix on BoundingBoxXYZ.ToOutline method.
  • Now Add Room+ v1.7 uses view Phase.
  • Now Bake try to use extrusions if the geometry do not have material per face and is closed.
  • Fix for Element Location component when managing mirrored elements.

v1.10 RC5

v1.10.8375.11132 @ 12/06/2022

  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.10 RC4

v1.10.8368.15363 @ 11/29/2022

  • Now minimum Revit 2022 is 2022.1 to enable Delete Workset+ v1.9
  • Now Grasshopper previews persist between solutions. This means that only geometry that is being modified is redrawn and preview performance is much better.
  • Added type icon column to ‘Value Picker’ component.
  • Enabled content panning on ‘Value Picker’.
  • Added ‘Edit Type…’ context menu to Type parameters.
  • Added support for far-from-origin on DirectShape components.
  • Added warning when a component receives geometry far-from-origin.
  • Fixed pick linked element on other parameters than Graphical Element .
  • Added support for geometry on linked files.
  • Added support for closed curves and poly-lines to ShapeEncoder.
  • Added conversion from Level and View to Work Plane .
  • Added Ensure Workset+ v1.10 component.
  • Fix for NurbsCurve.ToCurve when is periodic.
  • Fixed a problem with ellipses on model-line creation components.
  • Fix for PolylineCurve.ToCurve and PolyCurve.ToCurve extension methods when Rhino is not in feet.
  • Fix for HostObject creation components when using closed curves.
  • Fix on Add Wall (Profile)+ v1.0 when profile is moved parallel to its plane.
  • Fix on recent version of Revit for View Extents+ v1.7 component. Now it does not take into account Grasshopper previews.
  • Fix for Element Face Paint+ v1.10 .
  • Fix for Element Type Picker parameter.
  • Fixed Types.Category.BakeElement, it was baking more than necessary.
  • Improved ARDB.Arc conversion from Revit to Rhino.
  • Fix for Line creation components when used with closed curves.
  • Added ARDB.View.GetClipBox extension method.
  • Added ARDB.View.GetOutlineFilter extension method.
  • Added ARDB.Element.GetGeometryObjectFromReference extension method that also returns the transform.
  • Added Selection.PickPoints method.

v1.10 RC3

v1.10.8342.22296 @ 11/08/2022

  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.10 RC2

v1.10.8336.14469 @ 10/28/2022

  • Now Grasshopper is not loaded at start up.
  • Now changing element selection in Revit, expires ‘Active Selection’ in Grasshopper.

v1.10 RC1

v1.10.8326.27328 @ 10/18/2022

  • Added context menu to ‘Project Location’ component.
  • Now Types.BasePoint bake as a named construction-plane.
  • New Element Face Paint+ v1.10
  • New Query Warnings+ v1.10
  • New Add Drafting View+ v1.10
  • Added ‘Built-In Failure Definitions’ picker.


v1.9.8326.25768 @ 10/18/2022

  • Includes all changes under 1.9RC releases listed below
  • New Assembly Origin+ v1.9
  • New Host Shape+ v1.9
  • New Spatial Element Identity+ v1.9
  • New Default File Locations+ v1.9
  • New Document Tolerances+ v1.9
  • New Revit User+ v1.9
  • New Revit Version+ v1.9
  • New Delete Workset+ v1.9
  • New Default 3D View+ v1.9
  • Fix on Add Parameter+ v1.0 when definition parameter group is not a built-in one.
  • Renamed ‘Add LoftForm’ component to Add Mass Loft .
  • Improved View Extents+ v1.7 component, not it returns a more accurate ‘Depth’.
  • Added ‘Computation Height’ to Level Identity+ v1.0 component.
  • Fix for Viewport.Location.
  • Implemented casting from Viewport to ViewSheet and View.
  • Fix on Brep.TryGetExtrusion extension method.

v1.9 RC5

v1.9.8319.16206 @ 10/11/2022

  • Fix for Workset Identity+ v1.2 component.
  • Fix for Add Selection Filter+ v1.0 when a null is used as input.
  • Fix for Inspect Element when input ‘Element’ is null.
  • Improved how Duplicate Element handles ‘None’ element.
  • Fixed GH.Gest.LoadEditor to make Grasshopper window owned by Rhino. Even before it is ever been shown.
  • Fix for ‘Import 3DM’ command when input model has No-Units.
  • Fix for Types.View.GenLevelId when view is not based on a Level.
  • Added ARDB.ViewSection.GetElevationMarker extension method.

v1.9 RC4

v1.9.8272.12095 @ 08/30/2022

  • Fix for ARDB.Mesh encoding and decoding when the mesh is not closed.
  • Fixed ARDB.Mesh.ComputeCentroid extension method.
  • Added ARDB.GeometryObject.GetBoundingBox extension method.

v1.9 RC3

v1.9.8259.4446 @ 08/16/2022

  • Fix for BakeElements when no attributes are provided.
  • Fixed some blurry icons on HDPI screens.
  • Fixed a System.FormatException when building linked scripts toolbar.

v1.9 RC2

v1.9.8256.24423 @ 08/09/2022

  • Fix for Element Geometry component when receiving empty branches.
  • Fixed Add Symbol+ v1.8 component. It was moving two times the specified distance.
  • Fixed ‘Add Detail’ component. It was moving two times the specified distance.
  • Fixed value range validation on Material Graphics+ v1.0 component.
  • Added item <None> to some parameters context menu.
  • Fix for the case Grasshopper had run with No-Units.
  • Fix for BakeElements when no attributes are provided.
  • Fix for Types.View.DrawViewportWires when showing an ARDB.ImageView.
  • Fix for ARDB.Instance.GetLocation when instance is scaled.

v1.9 RC1

v1.9.8234.21248 @ 07/18/2022

  • Added ‘Host Sub Elements’ component.
  • Added ‘Profile’ input to ‘Host Boundary Profile’ component.
  • Added ‘Revit Version’ component.
  • Added ‘Revit User’ component.
  • Added ‘Document Tolerances’ component.
  • Added ‘Default File Locations’ component.
  • Added ‘Spatial Element Identity’ component.
  • Added ‘Delete Workset’ component (Revit 2023).
  • Added ‘Default 3D View’ component.
  • Added ‘Assembly Origin’ component.


v1.8.8221.17917 @ 07/18/2022

  • Includes all changes under 1.8RC releases listed below
  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.8 RC4

v1.8.8221.17917 @ 07/05/2022

  • Added Add Revision Cloud+ v1.8
  • Added Query Revisions+ v1.8 component
  • Added Revision parameter
  • Improved Add Region+ v1.8 reuse logic
  • Geometry conversion improvements
  • Added warning to Define Parameter to avoid Shared Parameters Service invalid characters
  • Now default document annotation scales are set to 1:100 by default

v1.8 RC3

v1.8.8215.8714 @ 06/28/2022

  • Fixed several geometry bugs.
  • Fixed structural framing creation on a family document.
  • Fixed curved Beams when in a vertical plane.
  • Fixed dimensioning components, when working with Detail Lines and Reference Planes.
  • Set Element Parameter casting issue with enums #613

v1.8 RC2

v1.8.8207.14855 @ 06/21/2022

  • Added Tag By Category+ v1.8 component.
  • Added Multi-Category Tag+ v1.8 component.
  • Added Material Tag+ v1.8 component.
  • Added Add Detail Item+ v1.8 component.
  • Added Add Symbol+ v1.8 component.

v1.8 RC1

v1.8.8200.21840 @ 06/14/2022

  • Now RiR requires Rhino v7.15.
  • Moved Tag Area+ v1.7 , Tag Room+ v1.7 , Tag Space+ v1.7 from Topology to Annotation tab.
  • Added Add Text+ v1.8 component
  • Added Add Region+ v1.8 component
  • Added Add Detail Line+ v1.8 component
  • Added Add Angular Dimension+ v1.8 component
  • Added Add Linear Dimension+ v1.8 component
  • Added Add Spot Elevation+ v1.8 component
  • Added Add Spot Coordinate+ v1.8 component
  • Added Add Viewport+ v1.8 component
  • Added Add Topography Region+ v1.8 component
  • Added Element Subcategory+ v1.8 component.
  • Added Curve Line Style+ v1.8 component.
  • Added Add Reference Line+ v1.8 componet.
  • Added Add Reference Plane+ v1.8 component.
  • Added Reference Plane parameter.


v1.7.8194.7007 @ 06/14/2022

  • Includes all changes under 1.7RC releases listed below
  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.7 RC3

v1.7.8188.17314 @ 06/07/2022

  • Now Add Room+ v1.7 , Add Space+ v1.7 take a View as input
  • Added more error checking to Add Dependent View+ v1.7
  • Fixed casting from Room+ v1.7 , Space+ v1.7 , and Area+ v1.7 to Phase+ v1.2
  • Implemented casting from View to Level Offset+ v1.0
  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.6 (Hotfix)

v1.6.8159.20547 @ 05/04/2022

v1.7 RC2

v1.7.8158.15230 @ 05/03/2022

  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.7 RC1

v1.7.8151.26629 @ 04/12/2022

  • Added context menu to generate a transparent background image
  • Added Crop Extents, Template and Filter input to Export View Image+ v1.0
  • Exposed View Type+ v1.5 parameter
  • Added View Extents+ v1.7 , View Section Box+ v1.7 components
  • Added 3D View+ v1.7 view parameter
  • Added Structural Plan+ v1.7 parameter and associated Add Structural Plan+ v1.7 component
  • Added Floor Plan+ v1.7 parameter and associated Add Floor Plan+ v1.7 component
  • Added Ceiling Plan+ v1.7 parameter and associated Add Ceiling Plan+ v1.7 component
  • Added Area Plan+ v1.7 , Section+ v1.7 , Elevation+ v1.7 , Detail+ v1.7 view parameters
  • Added Spatial Element Geometry+ v1.7 component
  • Added Spatial Boundary Location+ v1.7 selector
  • Added Add Dependent View+ v1.7
  • Added Add Area Boundary+ v1.7 component
  • Added Add Room Separation+ v1.7 , Add Space Separation+ v1.7 components
  • Added Add Area+ v1.7 , Add Room+ v1.7 , Add Space+ v1.7 components
  • Added Query Areas+ v1.7 , Query Rooms+ v1.7 , Query Spaces+ v1.7 components
  • Added Tag Area+ v1.7 , Tag Room+ v1.7 , Tag Space+ v1.7 components


v1.6.8151.18094 @ 04/26/2022

  • Added Project Elevation+ v1.0 and associated Project Elevation parameter.
  • Added Level Offset+ v1.0 and associated Level Constraint parameter.
  • Updated Add Shaft Opening+ v1.6 to accept Level Constraint parametes as Base and Top inputs as well and thus removed the optional offset parameters
  • Includes all changes under 1.6RC releases listed below
  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.6 RC5

v1.6.8134.6334 @ 04/12/2022

  • Added support for Revit 2023
  • Fixed conversion from Wall to Surface when slant angle is negative
  • Fixed a bug on Create Appearance Asset #507
  • Updated Revit download link when loaded in an unsupported version

v1.6 RC4

v1.6.8124.18574 @ 04/05/2022

  • Fixed Add Grid+ v1.0 component when Tracking mode is set to Update.
  • Added Elevation input to Add Grid+ v1.0 .
  • Fixed a bug on Import 3DM command when importing polylines on a family document.

v1.6 RC3

v1.6.8123.20268 @ 03/29/2022

  • Fixed Type Filter when inverted
  • Rhino.Inside.Revit no longer shows an error window when failing to set shortcut for Grasshopper button
  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.6 RC2

v1.6.8119.11754 @ 03/22/2022

  • Fixed a problem on ARDB.XYZ.PerpVector when tolerance is too small.
  • Now Convert context menu is a sorted by parameter category.
  • Added casting from Element to Workset+ v1.2 , Phase+ v1.2 , Level and Type .
  • Now all Add components create elements on the last document Phase.
  • Now all Add components create elements with Enable Analytical Model off by default.
  • Fix for Add Structural Beam+ v1.0 now it always returns a non joined element.
  • Fixed Reset Element Parameter component on shared-parameters.
  • Fix for Element Curve when managing structural elements.
  • Fixed Element Curve when workiong with structural beams and structural columns.
  • Now HostObject.Location returns a plane centered on the profile curves.
  • Now Opening.Location returns a plane centered on the profile curves.
  • Implemented casting SpatialElement to Surface
  • Added Types.Railing. This enables Element Curve component on railings.
  • Implemented Type output on Parameter Identity for built-in parameters.
  • Now Grasshopper preview status is persistent between sessions.

v1.6 RC1

v1.6.8102.16819 @ 08/03/2022

  • Added Opening+ v1.6 parameter
  • Added Add Shaft Opening+ v1.6 component
  • Added Add Wall Opening+ v1.6 component
  • Added Opening Boundary Profile+ v1.6 component
  • Added Element Version+ v1.6 component
  • Added Document Version+ v1.6 component
  • Added Element Ownership+ v1.6 component
  • Added Clone Element+ v1.6 component
  • Added Is Subcategory input to Category Identity+ v1.0 component
  • Added Is Subcategory input to Query Categories+ v1.0 component
  • Now Host Inserts+ v1.0 component returns openings on floor, ceiling and roofs
  • Fixed Add Wall (Curve) component. It was failing to update ‘Unconnected Height’ when the wall is constrained at the top
  • Fixed Add Model Group and Query Group Types+ v1.0 . Now both component filter out non Model groups or types
  • Now first access to RhinoCommon.dll loads Rhino


v1.5.8101.24584 @ 03/08/2022

  • Includes all changes under 1.5RC releases listed below
  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.5 RC4

v1.5.8088.12286 @ 02/22/2022

  • Fixed AssemblyInstance.Location.set
  • Implemented AssemblyInstance.BoundingBox
  • Now Graphical Element displays the BoundingBox by default.
  • Fixed Types.BasePoint.ClippingBox when the element is not available.

v1.5 RC3

v1.5.8082.16096 @ 02/16/2022

  • Active Design Option now has “Open Design Options…” context menu option.
  • Added Release Element+ v1.5 component.
  • Added Error Mode context menu: Now all named elements creation components use preexisting elements when working in error-mode ‘Continue’.

  • Fix on Add Structural Beam+ v1.0 , now it checks if family is Structural Framing before enabling-disabling joins.
  • Fix on the Add Structural Beam+ v1.0 component when working in tracking-mode ‘Reuse’.
  • Fixed Duplicate Element component when managing unnamed elements.
  • Fixed a bug on selection Value Set when there are no elements on the list.
  • Fixed a bug when user Undo a grasshopper object creation operation on components that track elements.
  • Fixed a problem when Revit is working in US Survey Feet units.

v1.5 RC2

v1.5.8067.24664 @ 02/01/2022

  • Fixed unit conversions on Element Material Quantities component
  • Added Types.SectionBox type.
  • Fixed #531.

v1.5 RC1

v1.5.8056.10037 @ 01/21/2022

  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.4 Stable

v1.4.8053.19650 @ 21/01/2022

  • Includes all changes under 1.4RC releases listed below
  • New Query Appearance Assets+ v1.4 component

v1.4 RC6

v1.4.8048.43002 @ 01/18/2022

  • Added ‘Link’ output to ‘Document Links’ component.
  • Renamed ‘Document Links’ to Query Revit Links+ v1.0 .
  • Renamed ‘Binding’ to ‘Scope’ in parameter components.
  • Updated ‘Element Dependents’ to return original ‘Elements’ and also ‘Referentials’.
  • Fixed Element Geometry and Element View Geometry : Now both have an option Expand Dependents in the context menu to extract dependent elements geometry. Outputs are grafted accordingly. #509.
  • Updated some ‘Query’ component input parameters names to match Revit parameter name.

v1.4 RC5

v1.4.8007.15883 @ 12/07/2021

  • Continued work on Rhino.Inside.Revit API
  • Export Type Image defaults to temp folder when Folder input is not provided
  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.4 RC4

v1.4.8004.19290 @ 11/30/2021

  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.4 RC3

v1.4.7997.16502 @ 11/23/2021

  • A major work in 1.4 is cleaning up and preparing the Rhino.Inside.Revit API. In this release we added an option to see the documentation for current state of the API in python editor (EditPythonScript command)

  • Fixed Select All and Invert Selection on Value Set Picker
  • Fixed Query Graphical Elements when Categories input contains nulls
  • Fixed Element Dependents+ v1.0 component when managing nulls

v1.4 RC2

v1.4.7989.18759 @ 11/16/2021

  • Fix for DB.InternalOrigin on Revit 2020.2
  • Fixed a crash, when an element can’t be deleted from the context menu
  • Fixed Element Geometry and Element View Geometry : Now both have an option Expand Dependents in the context menu to extract dependent elements geometry. Outputs are grafted accordingly
  • Added Visible In View Filter+ v1.4
  • Added back Intersection Filter
  • Added back Union Filter

v1.4 RC1

v1.4.7983.32601 @ 11/09/2021

  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.3 Stable

v1.3.7983.15227 @ 10/12/2021

  • Includes all changes under 1.2RC releases listed below
  • Fixed Element View Geometry was returning invisible elements geometry

v1.3 RC2

v1.3.7976.20198 @ 10/27/2021

  • Now Open Viewport command needs CTRL pressed to synchronize camera and workplane
  • View now converts to Plane, Box, Surface, and Material
  • Export View Image+ v1.0 defaults to a temp folder when no Folder is provided

v1.3 RC1

v1.3.7970.19099 @ 10/27/2021

  • Component Changes
    • New Ceiling: Contains a collection of Revit ceiling elements
    • New Add Ceiling+ v1.3: Given its outline curve, it adds a Ceiling element to the active Revit document
    • New Family Filter+ v1.3: Filter used to match elements by their family
    • ZUI components e.g. Inspect Element now have Show all parameters and Hide unconnected parameters on context menu
  • Performance
    • Grasshopper now caches converted geometries from Rhino to Revit. This improves performance between Grasshopper runs, or when the same geometry is being converted many times.
  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.2 Stable

v1.2.7955.32919 @ 10/12/2021

  • Includes all changes under 1.2RC releases listed below
  • Component Changes

    • Add Sheet+ v1.2 component does not have a Title Block input anymore
    • Added Add Title Block+ v1.2: Create a Revit Title Block on a sheet view
    • Added Add Sheet (Placeholder)+ v1.2: Create a new placeholder sheet in Revit with given number and name
    • Cluster Views (Family)+ v1.2 now shows pretty names for view families sorted alphabetically
    • Title Block Type Picker+ v1.2 replaces previous Query Title Block Types component
    • Removed Analyze Sheet component
    • Assemble Elements+ v1.2 component does not require Category anymore
  • Issues

    • Fixed Non-C2-BREP edge conversion when knots are below tolerance. #382.
  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.2 RC4

v1.2.7948.6892 @ 10/05/2021

  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.2 RC3

v1.2.7937.23994 @ 09/28/2021

  • Improved ‘Host Faces’ component. Now skips invalid faces and avoids exceptions to be faster
  • Fixes and improvements on Ellipse conversion routines.

v1.2 RC2

v1.2.7934.7099 @ 09/21/2021

  • Corrected component name spelling Disassemble Assembly+ v1.2
  • Removed Assembly Views component
  • Convert Sheet Identity+ v1.2 component to pass-through
  • Revised Add Sheet+ v1.2 parameters to match Revit
  • Added ‘Assembly’ parameter to View Identity+ v1.0 and Query Views+ v1.0

v1.2 RC1

v1.2.7927.28069 @ 09/14/2021

  • New View Components!

    • Query Sheets+ v1.2: Get all document sheets
    • Query Title Block Types
    • Sheet Identity+ v1.2: Sheet Identity Data
    • Add Sheet+ v1.2: Create a new sheet in Revit with given number and name
    • Analyze Sheet
    • Cluster Views (Family)+ v1.2: Split a list of views into separate clusters by their family
  • New Assembly Components!

    • Query Assemblies+ v1.2: Get all document assemblies
    • Assembly Views
    • Assemble Elements+ v1.2: Create a new assembly instance
    • Add Assembly+ v1.2: Create a new assembly instance at given location
    • Assembly Members+ v1.2: Get-Set accessor for assembly members
    • Disassemble Assembly+ v1.2: Disassemble given assembly and release the members
  • New Workset Components!

    • Workset+ v1.2: Contains a collection of Revit workset elements
    • Active Workset+ v1.2: Gets the active workset
    • Element Workset+ v1.2: Element Workset properties Get-Set access component to element workset information
    • Workset Identity+ v1.2: Workset properties Get-Set access component to workset information
    • Query Worksets+ v1.2: Get document construction worksets list
    • Workset Filter+ v1.2: Filter used to match elements by their workset
  • New Phase Components!

    • Phase+ v1.2: Contains a collection of Revit construction phase elements
    • Element Phasing+ v1.2: Element Phasing properties Get-Set access component to element phasing information
    • Query Phases+ v1.2: Get document construction phases list
    • Phase Status Filter+ v1.2: Filter used to match elements associated to the given Phase status
  • Merged PR #486

v1.1 Stable

v1.1.7927.27937 @ 09/14/2021

  • Includes all changes under 1.1RC releases listed below
  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.1 RC4

v1.1.7916.15665 @ 09/07/2021

  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.1 RC3

v1.1.7912.2443 @ 08/30/2021

  • Minor Fixes and Improvements

v1.1 RC2

v1.1.7906.21197 @ 08/24/2021

  • 👉 Updated Tracking Mode context wording.
    • Supersede -> Enabled : Replace
    • Reconstruct -> Enabled : Update
  • 👉 Performance Improvements:
    • Disabled expiring objects when a Revit document change comes from Grasshopper itself
    • Improved Element Type component speed when updating several elements
    • Improved Add Component (Location) speed when used in Supersede mode
  • 👉 Renamed:
    • Query Types output from “E” to “T”
    • Add ModelLine -> Add Model Line
    • Add SketchPlane -> Add Sketch Plane
    • Thermal Asset Type -> Thermal Asset Class
    • Physical Asset Type -> Physical Asset Class
  • Now parameter rule components guess the parameter type from the value on non built-in parameters
  • Parameter setter does not change the value when the value to set is already the same
  • Fixed the way we solve BuiltIn parameters on family documents
  • Added Behavior input to Modify Physical and Thermal asset
  • Removed some default values on Query Views that add some confusion
  • Deleting an open view is not allowed. We show an message with less information in that case
  • Fix on Add View3D when managing a locked view
  • Fix on Duplicate Type when managing types without Category like DB.ViewFamilyType
  • Only Graphical Element should be pinned
  • Closed Issue #410
  • Merged PR #475

v1.0 Stable / v1.1 RC1

1.0.7894.17525 / v1.1.7894.19956 @ 08/12/2021

Finally!! 🎉 See announcement post here