Rhino for the Marine Industry

Rhino is a powerful 3D modeler for design and fabrication. Rhino uses accurate NURBS surfaces to help model any aspect of a vessel. Its flexibility lets you create your design in many different ways and does not lock you into one predefined approach, so that it may be used in all phases, from schematic design work to fabrication details.

Rhino Grasshopper Plugin

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Accurate Surface Design

Jonathan Quinn Barnett

Jonathan Quinn Barnett

Rhino’s intuitive surface modeling tools let you model the most complex surfaces accurately. Rhino’s unique ability to join surfaces into solids is key to surface modeling flexibility with solid model accuracy.

  • Model using accurate NURBS geometry.
  • Visualize changes in realtime.
  • Rhino includes tools to analyze fairness and curvature.
  • Full sets of training materials, videos, and support available.

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Used for Engineering

ExpressMarine parametric ship structures

Orca3D Marine CFD

Rhino serves as a basis for many marine-specific plugins that add specific feature sets. The plugins supported by naval architects and marine experts allow you to build up the analysis tools needed in your work.

  • Waterlines, station automated generation.
  • Intact Hydrostatics and stability.
  • Planing characteristics.
  • Material and Cost module.
  • Power and speed calculation.
  • CFD calculations.
  • Export to existing engineering tools.

Compatible with Downstream Process

Rhino Marine Hull

Rhino integrates with industry-standard suppliers. Rhino supports many file import and export types.

  • Rhino files are accepted throughout the industry for fabrication and engineering.
  • Convert to export types, including 2D drafting formats DWG, DXF.
  • Compatible with standard engineering formats STEP, Parasolid, ACIS, and over 30 IGES types.

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Visualize the Design

3Search Design

3Search Design

Rhino is a great tool to visualize your design solutions using illustrations or photorealistic renderings. Use renderings to sell your work without the expense of building prototypes. Rhino supports many popular rendering plugins.

  • Advanced display for realtime rendering.
  • Multiple illustrative display modes.
  • Make images 2D for illustrated graphics.
  • Multiple view layouts.
  • Works with popular graphics products for output.

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Straight to Fabrication

Janicki Industries

Janicki Industries 5-axis CNC

Rhino models are accurate to manufacturing standards. Cut plugs, molds, and plates directly from Rhino output files. Carver Yachts, Delta Marine, and PDQ Yachts credit Rhino with direct influence on the quality and accuracy of their finished boats.

  • Output accurate geometry for fabrication.
  • Export accurate 2D drawings.
  • Prepare files for CNC cutting.
  • Use scaling tools to help build design models and mockups.
  • Flexible exports allow for a wide range of builds.
  • Drive advanced robots for custom automated fabrication.

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Gran Finale. Styling by JC Espinosa. Built by Delta Marine Industries.
SeaXplorer Luxury Ice Breaker by Damen.
The Transpac 52 JBird III by Alan Andrews Yacht Design. The first TP52 finishing Transpac.
Royal Huisman decided to integrate digital modeling. Read the entire case study on RhinoCentre Netherlands blog
85 m Offshore Patrol Vessel designed by Kvaerner Masa Marine Naval Architects & Marine Consultants. Modeled by Juan Carreras, Advanced Digi-Design.
Cheoy Lee 128' Expedition. Designed by Murray & Associates
M/V Tan’erliq designed by Guido Perla and Associates (GPA). 153-ft. Voith-Schneider Escort Tug.
Sencha, a strip built racing kayak by Warren Williamson from Anacortes, Washington.