rhino3dm Libraries

rhino3dm is a set of libraries based on the openNURBS geometry library with a RhinoCommon style. This provides the ability to access and manipulate geometry through .NET, Python or JavaScript applications independent of Rhino.


Functionality includes:

  • Create, interrogate, and store all geometry types supported in Rhino. This includes points, point clouds, NURBS curves and surfaces, polysurfaces (B-Reps), meshes, annotations, extrusions, and SubDs.
  • Work with non-geometry classes supported in Rhino like layers, object attributes, transforms and viewports.
  • Read and write all of the above information to and from the .3dm file format.
  • Use as a client to make calls into the Rhino Compute cloud server for advanced manipulation of geometry objects.
  • Available on most platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux).

rhino3dm on GitHub