Rhino Compute Service (work in progress)


An accessible geometry calculator

Compute is an experimental project which allows access to the Rhino's geometry library through a stateless REST API via the McNeel cloud. Compute is based on the Rhino Inside™ technology to embed Rhino advanced geometry calculation inside an online web service.

Compute is meant to be a complimentary geometry extension to the Rhino3dm project.

Potential uses for Compute:

  • Do geometry calculations through a cloud based REST API.
  • Access 2400+ RhinoCommon API calls from outside Rhino.
  • Access to additional RhinoCommon functions not available in OpenNurbs, including:
    • Closest point calculations
    • Intersection calculations
    • Surface tessellation (meshing)
    • Interpolation
    • Booleans
    • Area and mass property calculations
    • Other miscellaneous geometry calculations
  • Client side libraries available for use with standalone C#(.NET), Python and JavaScript.
  • Local Compute servers can be instantiated for private calculations or parallel computational farms.

Getting Started:

  1. Learn how to get access to compute setup:
    1. Compute for C# Getting Started Guide.
    2. Compute for Python Getting Started Guide
    3. Compute for JavaScript Getting Started Guide
  2. Visit the Compute Discussion Forum for help, requests, discussions and ideas.
  3. Download the Compute Samples repo from GitHub.

Create a local compute server

In some cases it may be necessary to spin up a local compute service.

  1. Download the Compute SDK.
  2. Follow the Local Debug Builds in the Compute Github ReadMe.

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