Rhino School Kit

A Rhino School kit is a bundle of a Rhino Lab license and a set of Educational single-user licenses* at a special price:

  • Rhino Lab License + 100 Educational single-user licenses*: US$9,995
  • Rhino Lab License + 50 Educational single-user licenses*: US$5,495
  • Any additional Educational single-user license*: US$95.

*Regular Educational single-user license terms apply to this license.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: We are a school that already owns a Rhino Lab license. How can we take advantage of this offer?
Provided that your Rhino Lab license is registered, you can purchase just the Educational single-user licenses at this price:

  • 100 Educational single-user licenses*: US$9,475
  • 50 Educational single-user licenses*: US$4,975
  • any additional Educational single-user license*: US$95

Q: Who is the owner of the Educational single-user licenses?
The school buys the Educational single-user licenses and sells these to the students, so the students who register these licenses will be the owners and assume all rights, obligations and benefits to use the software. Click here for more information about the Educational single-user license terms and conditions.

Q: My school cannot reach the minimum required number of Educational single-user licenses, and therefore we cannot take advantage of this offer. What should we do?
A: You might want to order our educational products at the standard price:

  • Rhino Lab License: US$975
  • Educational single-user license: US$195
  • Other educational products: click here for details

Q: Who can take advantage of this offer?
Only schools, colleges and universities. Proof of educational institution is required. Individuals (educators and students) can order the regular educational products anytime.

Q: How can we upgrade our Lab license?
A: Regular pricing applies. Click here for details.

Q: How can a student upgrade an Educational single-user license?
Regular pricing applies. Click here for details.

Q: What about Flamingo and Bongo?
Regular pricing applies. Click here for details.

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