Animating Video Textures

Animating video textures in Bongo

You can now animated Video Textures in Bongo. It’s an easy and fast way to get a texture animated. All you need is a video file, or a sequence of images, and the rest is easy.

Supported formats
The supported images formats are bmp, jpg, jpeg, png, tga, tif and tiff. The supported video file formats are avi, mpg, mpeg, ogv and wmv.

You can use it for materials, decals, displacement, environments, backgrounds…basically anywhere you can use a texture you can now use a video.

Bongo Video Texture

How to animate a Bongo Video Texture

  1. Make a new Basic/Custom Material.
  2. Assign the material to the object you want to have the video texture on.
  3. In the color slot, choose to add a texture as the color. From the list of textures choose Bongo Video Texture.
  4. Choose the video file you want to add as a texture.
  5. Move the Timeline slider to the tick where you want the video file to stop playing and press the Animate -button.
  6. Set the frame number to as many frames you want the video to play, and a keyframe should be created on the Timeline.

Video Tutorial