Animating RPC Objects

Animating RPC objects in Bongo

Rhino supports RPCs and some of them can be animated. With the help of Bongo you can now animate the animated RPCs inside Rhino.

Supported Renderers
The renderer need to support the native Rhino rendering (RDK) features in order for it to render out the RPCs.

In order to make it work you need an Animated RPC figure from Archvision.

For more information about the RPCs, please see the manufacturers website:

To add the Bongo animation data to the RPC you need to use the command RpcSetAnimationFrame.

RPC settings

How to do this?

  1. Use the command RPC to insert the RPC figure into Rhino.
  2. Place the RPC in the start location.
  3. Activate Animate -button on the Timeline, select the RPC and move the RPC to the position where you want the animation to end.
  4. Use the command RPCSetAnimationFrame to set the last keyframe for where the RPC’s own animation should stop.
  5. Select the RPC, and under the Properties Tab in Rhino, there is an icon for RPC properties. In the RPC properties you can set the height for the RPC and make it cast shadows.
  6. Render using Rhino Render or a a renderer that supports this feature.
  7. Use the BongoRenderAnimation command to make a video.

RPC Animated using Bongo and Brazil 2.0 for Rhino: