Combining Multiple Animations

If you have more than one animation that you would like to combine into one long animation, do the following:

  1. Open up the first animation/model that you want to renderer.

  2. Go to the Render Animation dialog box and renderer out the animation. Remember in what name you save the frames, in which folder and how many frames you save out. In this example, let’s say we save out 101 frames and call them ExampleAnimation.

    Note: Before you render
    Before you render, please make sure you have Create Video file unchecked.

  3. Once the first animation is done, you open up the next one and go to Render animation. Pay attention to these settings: Bongo Combining Multiple Animations Settings

    Make sure you save the file in the same folder as the previous animation and with the same name, in this case ExampleAnimation. Also make sure it’s the same size and format. Initial frame suffix designates from which suffix the renderers will start. The files from the first animation in the same folder should be called ExampleAnimation_000 to ExampleAnimation_100. This means that, for the next animation, the frame suffix needs to start from 101; add that number to the Initial frame suffix field.

  4. Render the animation. In this example, let’s presume that the second animation has 100 frames. Once the animation is done, you should have files called ExampleAnimation_000 all the way up to ExampleAnimation_201 in your folder.

  5. To combine these two animations, open up the Bongo Video Encoder. Choose the first file ExampleAnimation_000 as the Source File. The encoder combine all the files together into one long animation.