Print VersionMesh Tools - New in Rhino 5


Robust mesh import, export, creation, and editing tools are critical to all phases of design, including:

  • Transferring captured 3‑D data from digitizing and scanning into Rhino as mesh models.
  • Exchanging mesh data with many applications such as SketchUp and Modo.
  • Export meshes for analysis and rendering.
  • Exporting meshes for prototyping and fabrication.
  • Converting NURBS to meshes for display and rendering.

Both new and enhanced mesh tools, plus support for double-precision meshes, accurately represent and display ground forms such as the 3 D topography of a large city.

New commands

  • ExtractAnalysisMesh - Extracts an analysis mesh from an object. For example, use the CurvatureAnalysis command and then run ExtractAnalysisMesh to add the analysis mesh to the document.
  • ExtractPipedCurve (Windows only) - Extracts the mesh created by the ApplyCurvePiping command.
  • ExtractUVMesh - Extracts the flattened UV meshes.
  • Merge2MeshFaces - Merges two triangular mesh faces that share an edge into one quadrangular face.
  • MeshRepair (Windows only) - Opens the Mesh Repair Wizard.

Enhanced commands

  • 3DFace - New dynamic feedback wires connect the picked points.
  • Check - Checks whether the face normals and vertex normals face the same direction.
  • ExtractMeshEdges - New Join option joins the extracted edges.
  • Mesh - Major overhaul resulted in dozens of bugs fixed, many more special cases handled, and better speed.
  • MeshCone, MeshCylinder, and MeshTCone - A new Solid option closes the open ends with a mesh.
  • OffsetMesh - A new BothSides option creates meshes on each side.
  • ReduceMesh - Decreases the polygon mesh face count while minimizing geometric and texture distortion.
  • Weld/UnWeld - Edges that will be affected by Weld or Unweld are highlighted.