Light Falloff

Get visually correct lighting in just a few clicks! For rendering professionals who need to simulate real world lighting, the Light Falloff settings allow you to mimic how light changes over distance. The results are softer shadows, brighter objects close to the light, and an overall warmth to the scene.

Before and After

Previously, lights were set to Constant, making each source a powerful and unrealistic lighting source. Now, the Inverse Squared Falloff setting portrays how light changes intensity over distance.

Try It

  1. Download Rhino 8 Evaluation for Windows or Mac.
  2. Download and open the sample LightFalloff.3dm model.
  3. Click on the arrow by the Perspective viewport name. Change the display mode to Raytraced. Notice the constant light falloff.
  4. Now let’s change it to make it more realistic. Run the SelLight command to select the rectangular light source in the scene.
  5. Go to the Object Properties panel and click on the Light icon. Switch the Falloff setting from Constant to Inverse Squared. Increase the Intensity to a higher value (ex: 400).
  6. Let Raytraced mode sit so it updates. You should see more realistic light falloff.