Emissive Materials

For industrial designers and rendering professionals who need to create self-lit objects commonly found in consumer electronics. The new emissive materials in Rhino’s render engine make objects glow and cast light onto other objects.

Unlike previous versions of Rhino, Emissive Materials allow you to simulate LEDs and create bloom effects. This material type can turn any object into a light.

Additionally, the glow can be later enhanced in the Post Effect panels, fine-tuning the result without the need to render the scene again…

Before and After

Left: Old Rhino’s emissive material

Right: New Rhino’s emissive materials

Before After

Try It

  1. Download Rhino 8 Evaluation for Windows or Mac.
  2. Download and open the Light-Bulb-Emissive.3dm model.
  3. Click to select the purple object in the scene (Tungsten Wire).
  4. Open the Object Properties panel and click on the Materials page icon (tube paint icon).
  5. Click on the dropdown list and then on the sign. Select the Emission material type.
  6. On that same page, edit the Color or Intensity and adjust to your taste.
  7. Go to the Perspective viewport name and click on the arrow. Select Raytraced from the list to preview the results.