Mold Making Tools

For mold makers and tool designers, we’ve put the mold creation “model-test-revise” workflow on rails. Determine parting lines using Draft Angle Analysis’ graphic feedback. Use RibbonOffset to create your mold splits and parting surfaces, then refine your surface with Rhino’s improved Blend commands.

New in Rhino 7

Rhino’s Mold Making tools include enhanced parting line and parting surface creation tools:

  • Parting Lines are created using the Create Draft Curves button in the DraftAngleAnalysis dialog box, which now has options to add a curve with Maximum, Middle, and Minimum angles. The draft vector can also now be set. Draft Angle Analysis
  • Parting Surfaces can be created from parting lines using the RibbonOffset command.
  • Blend commands now include Straight Sections and Straighten buttons.

Try It

  • Download Rhino 8 Evaluation for Windows or Mac.
  • Download and open the RibbonOffset.3dm model.
  • Run the RibbonOffset command on the parting curve (see the above video for details).
  • Developers can use these calls in RhinoCommon for use in C# and Python:
    • Rhino.Geometry.Curve.RibbonOffset()
    • Rhino.Geometry.Silhouette.ComputeDraftCurve()

Rhino Commands