Layout Management

Complex models often require extensive documentation. For drafters, illustrators, engineers or anyone putting together multiple-sheet drawing sets for printing, the Layouts panel simplifies many of the tasks associated with layout management. The panel displays a vertical list where you can sort layouts by name, rename, copy, or delete layouts. The new Layouts panel is perfect for those who have found it difficult to access and change their layouts from the horizontal tab control below the viewports.

The vertical panel makes it easier to work on a model with layouts by adding these features:

  • Right-click to copy a layout.
  • Re-arranging layouts by dragging and dropping or with up/down arrows on the toolbar.
  • Single-click to rename layouts and access Layout Properties.
  • Shift to select multiple layouts for deleting or dragging.
  • Search field for displaying filtering on specific layouts.
  • Printing and importing layouts from other models on the toolbar.

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