Display Modes

Display Modes are view settings that showcase your designs in rich and customizable styles. For anyone who needs presentation-ready images, the built-in modes allow you to create beautiful images with just a couple of clicks. You can quickly change how objects are displayed and customize the look to capture just the right effect.

The built-in display modes are:

  • Wireframe: The classic CAD working mode: an unshaded wireframe.
  • Shaded: Shaded mode uses a mesh to shade surfaces using the layer colors.
  • Rendered: A fast simulation of the rendered object.
  • Ghosted: A semi-transparent shaded mode, great for seeing the inside of models.
  • X-Ray: Wireframe and point objects are shown, even if they would be hidden by surfaces in front of them.
  • Technical: Uses real-time silhouettes and intersections, creases, borders, blending shaded and rendered display.
  • Artistic: Simulates a pencil drawing with soft lines.
  • Pen: Get the look of a pen drawing with black lines.
  • Monochrome: Combines the effects of a white studio look and a sketch feel.
  • Arctic: Turns all objects white, turns the background white, and adds soft shadows.
  • Raytraced: Rendered mode with Cycles, a real-time raytracer.


A simple and efficient way to communicate your design intention, Monochrome combines the effects of a white studio look and a sketch feel.


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