Selective Clipping

Clipping allows you to slice through your design, turning off the display of parts of the model. Now, with Selective Clipping, you can choose a subset of objects and layers to clip. You can even set a custom depth to isolate a specific part. With complex models, this focuses communication where it matters most.

Custom Clipping

Use Custom Clipping of clipping planes to select a subset of objects and layers to either clip or exclude from clipping.

“Selective Clipping: Custom Clipping”

Custom Depth

Use Custom Depth of clipping planes to view a slice of your model. When the Custom Depth is set to zero, you see the section only.

“Selective Clipping: Custom Depth”

Try It

  1. Download Rhino 8 Evaluation for Windows or Mac.
  2. Download and open the Rebar-Demo.3dm model.

  3. Select the clipping plane tagged with the name B_00, and open Property panel to edit the clipping plane properties. “Clipping Plane Properties”

  4. In the clipping plane properties panel, under Objects Clipped, change from All to Include Selected in the drop-down list. Click on Layers. A new dialog opens with a list of all layers. Select the Concrete layer from the list, then click OK/Apply. The concrete part of the beam is clipped, while the steel bars are not. “SectionStyle of Objects”

  5. You can drag the clipping plane to reveal more or less of the steel bars.

Before After
  1. For more details, see our Discourse post about Selective Clipping in Rhino 8.

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