Logos and Artwork for Reseller Use

This is a selection of official logos and artwork for Robert McNeel & associates products.

Rhino Graphics

Download Rhino Vector Logo (svg).

Download Rhino logo graphics block (404x131 png).

Download RhinoHead Large (3600x2400 png).

Download Embroidery/stitching DST file (8kb zip).

Grasshopper Graphics

Download all Grasshopper logos.

Grasshopper logo large

Download Grasshopper logo large (2000x800 png).

Grasshopper banner

Download Grasshopper banner (800x100 png).

Grasshopper Square

Download Grasshopper Square (160x160 png).

Grasshopper Icon

Download Grasshopper Icon (48x48 png).

Zoo Graphics

Download Zoo Logo Colored (1202x420 png).

Download Zoo Logo Black and White (1202x420 png).

Rhino.Inside.Revit Graphics

Rhino.Inside.Revit Logo Vector

Download Rhino.Inside.Revit Logo Vector (svg).

Rhino.Inside.Revit Logo

Download Rhino.Inside.Revit Logo (384x384 png).

Rhino.Inside.Revit Icon

Download Rhino.Inside.Revit Icon (24x24 png).

Compute Graphics

Compute Logo Vector

Download Compute Logo Vector (svg, pdf, ai).

Bongo 2 Graphics

Bongo title

Download Bongo title (302x138 png).

Bongo logo

Download Bongo logo (300x300 png).

Flamingo Graphics

Flamingo Logo

Download Flamingo Logo (zip with two pngs).