OEM Terms and Conditions

Special wholesale prices on our commercial Windows products are available to Original Equipment (product or software) Manufacturers (OEM) that meet these terms and conditions:

  • OEMs must sell McNeel products bundled with their products. Full licenses must not be sold alone.
  • The OEM bundle’s advertised list price must be at least 150% of the region’s advertised list price of all McNeel products included in the bundle. That is, the McNeel prices that have been established in US dollars in America, Asia, and Pacific, in Euro in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Yen in Japan.
  • Discount schedule:
    • Full commercial licenses: 45% discount on orders of quantity 20 or more and with an annual commitment of 200.
    • Commercial licenses: Quantity less than 20 and no annual commitment, reseller discounts apply.
    • Commercial license upgrades: Reseller discounts apply.
  • All orders are prepay via bank card or wire transfer.
  • There are no regional restrictions on where OEMs can sell Rhino in their commercial bundle.
  • OEM terms and conditions also apply to McNeel educational products, except educational products are only available at the reseller’s discount.



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Latin America


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Europe, Middle East, and Africa

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McNeel Europe

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Asia Pacific and Canada


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