Rhinoceros uses a number of open source libraries.

Rhino for Windows and Mac


The full repository for RhinoCycles code is available on GitHub.

The original Cycles project is available on the Blender developer website.


MikkTSpace code is used to calculate per-vertex tangents in Rhino. It is also used by the Cycles rendering engine of Rhino (license details).

RDK (Rendering Development Kit)

RDK uses the following open source libraries:

  • Eigen is used in the UV unwrap code under the LGPL v2.1 using static linking
  • OpenABF is used in the UV unwrap code under the Apache 2.0 license using static linking


QuadRemesh uses the following open source libraries:

  • Sub-libraries of SuiteSparse 5.6.0 under the LGPL v2.1 license using dynamic linking:
    • AMD
    • CAMD
    • COLAMD
    • CholMod/Cholesky
    • CholMod/Core
  • Triangle - A Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator - Version 1.6 - by Jonathan Richard Shewchuk


resvg is used to generate images from svg data. Source and license can be found on github

Rhino for Windows

E57 File Import

E57 File Import uses the following libraries:

Rhino for Mac


Sparkle is an easy-to-use software update framework for macOS applications (license details).