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Rhino 6 for Mac

Available Now

for macOS


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Rhino 6 for Windows

Now Available

Grasshopper included,
Quick renderings,
New display engine,
Fast Make2D,
Enhanced drafting

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Batteries are included

The world’s most beautiful programming language is now "baked into" Rhino.

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Awesome Visuals

PhD NOT required

Produce beautiful images without getting a migraine.

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Quick Draw

Power to the Pixels

Our new display pipeline
is faster, more stable,
and uses features
found on modern
graphics hardware.

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Gorgeous Lines

Enhanced Drafting Tools

Document your models with ease: Fast Layouts, quicker updates, and RichText now supported in Text, Leaders, Dimensions, and Annotations.

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Cloud Zoo

Licenses that travel with you

Manage your licenses with the new Cloud Zoo, set up a private Zoo on your network, or just license Rhino the way you always have.

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Flat Out Better

Everyone's favorite feature now creates faster, better, and customizable results.

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Image courtesy of Mattias Pliessnig

Rhino Refined

Less Pain, More Gain

Editable Fillets, Better Booleans,
a Settings Editor, Snap Guides,
Command Line Math
and hundreds of UI refinements.

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Geometry Platform

Geometry Platform

More Extensible Than Ever

With a rich plug-in ecosystem and open development tools, Rhino 6 is more than just a 3D modeler.

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Image courtesy ICD Stuttgart


Where Rhino Grows

Access the Serengeti group and Work-In-Progress versions of Rhino containing beta features.

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