Make2D - New in Rhino 6


Make2D has been completely rewritten to provide faster, better, cleaner, more customizable results.

Clear UI

Improved user experience with more control over Make2D output.

Hidden Line Layers

Hidden line layers are dashed:

Make2D from Grasshopper

Grasshopper Make2D components allow you to create 2D compositions with custom logic:

Clipping Planes

Clipping planes are now supported and clipping plane intersections are calculated:

Whole-scene silhouettes

Whole-scene silhouettes are now computed:

Make2D All The Things

Meshes, blocks, dots, and annotation objects all work with Make2D.

Developer Access

Plugin developer access with interfaces to the silhouette generation, hidden line drawing, and the Make2D command.


  • Faster in every way.
  • More accurate details.
  • Correctly classify curves as Hidden, Visible, or Duplicate.
  • Keep whole curves; previously, Make2D split curves into tiny segments.
  • Progress is reported during drawing creation.

And More

 And, of course, many bug fixes.