DYNAMIC CAD at New Approach School for Jewelers

4/3/2023 - 5/12/2023
8-Week Comprehensive

Nashville, Tennessee

Course Description:
This is an 8 week course that teaches the Rhino 3D toolsets and principles needed to create well-constructed CAD models for the jewelry industry. No prerequisite.

Learn NURBS, SubD, Mesh, and Parametric modeling techniques all while producing a multitude of jewelry models and refining your CAD skills. Learn Grasshopper, ZBrush, and other third-party programs giving you a better hybrid approach to modeling. We also cover advanced rendering techniques, 3D printing, pattern designing, and production standards.

New Approach School for Jewelers (map)
8242 Malachi Ln
Nashville, TN 37014
United States

To Register:
e-mail: Christopher Mendola
phone: 8005294763