Rhino Level 2 for Jewellery Design ONLINE Course (7 x 3-hour sessions) at Simply Rhino Limited Online Training

6/12/2023 - 7/24/2023

All UK, All UK
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Course Description:
Following on from the Beginner Rhino Level 1 for Jewellery Design course, this jewellery CAD training course is intended for those already have some experience with Rhino NURBS modelling software, and who wish to add intermediate tools and techniques onto their existing jewellery CAD design and manufacturing working process.

This course serves as a jewellery-specific replacement for the more general Rhino Level 2 course, focusing on the same intermediate and advanced concepts around NURBS topology, advanced surfacing, SubD Modelling, and other efficient modelling techniques for skilled users.

This course begins by reviewing the key commands and solid modelling strategies as discussed in the Rhino Level 1 for Jewellery course. We then break down the fundamental logic of controlling NURBS surfaces in Rhino, and how to use this information to build clean, optimised geometry and control freeform shapes for NURBS surface sculpture and filigree.

We then introduce the Rhino SubD interface along with a building strategy for using these new SubD tools to complement your solid and surface modelling strategies. Throughout these exercises, we will discuss important tolerance considerations for 3D printing models to use in precious metals casting. We will also discuss advanced mesh controls for exporting STL files for rapid prototyping (such as 3D printing). Creating 2D line drawings from a 3D model and printing methods will also be considered.

Each of our Live & Online Sessions is recorded and made privately available to the trainees via a password protected link – a distinct advantage over in-person training!

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