Level 1-Rhino3D modeling at Rhino 3D Lesson

12/15/2021 - 12/16/2021
Hours: 10am - 6pm

miami beach, Florida
US $545

Course Description:
2 days,
Miami Beach Art Deco District
phone# (646)530-2041

For architectural design, product design, mechanical engineering, woodwork, and various fields
OR moving forward from AutoCAD or Inventor to Rhino3D

A certificate will be issued.
A class by Zoom -virtual learning, available upon request.

Level 1

Class Day 1) Focus on familiarity of commands and quick tips for learning how to use Rhino3D.
Basic 2D drawing-various exercises.

Introduction and practice of basic commands, including layer editing + how to use sketch/jpeg image, importing files into new file & tracing drawings & "images."

Class Day 2) Focus on 3D modeling, learning different strategies by working on projects.

This class is arranged for beginners
Instead of learning in general, we focus on commands for very practical 3D modeling lessons. Files for practice used at class would be arranged for needs.

No experience required. If needed, you may add 3rd day.
Focus on advanced 3D modeling for field-specific projects arranged for individuals.

If you have experience as model-maker or designer with traditional training, it is a great advantage to add 3d modeling skill.

Drafting method & rendering technique will be covered.

3D printing & product development method using Rhino can be discussed at the end of the class.

Suggestions for how to continue to learn by self would be carefully advised to each person.
Files/projects for practice created at the class will be forwarded for reference.

To register:
Please send email with your questions/info./name to
Additional info. will be sent.

To prepare; using laptop, download "Rhino 7" windows version from website, (if interested in plug-in, you may check system requirement for each).
Then, you can save useful tips to learn later at anytime, and anywhere by yourself. Please have your laptop ready to use with Rhino3D installed. Two button scroll mouse is required.

If you have previous version/Rhino5 or 6, it is fine, you can buy upgrade portion or download trial version of Rhino7 for the class.

If having any questions after taking the class, it is possible to contact instructor by email.(no extra cost).

Rhino 3D Lesson (map)
Miami Beach area
miami beach, FL 33139
United States

To Register:
e-mail: Training Coordinator
phone: 646-530-2041