Rhino Level 2 for Architecture & Engineering ONLINE Course (6 x 3.5-hour sessions) at Simply Rhino Limited Online Training

2/27/2023 - 3/16/2023

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Course Description:
This course is aimed at architectural and engineering professionals who are looking to use Rhino with more efficiency, accuracy and confidence. Suitable for architects; structural engineers, urban designers, building envelope engineers, and landscape architects amongst others, this course introduces and explains industry standard Rhino workflows.

This comprehensive, three-day course starts with a brief introduction as to how, when and why Rhino is used in professional architectural studios. A Rhino refresher then follows before the course moves on to discuss NURBS topology in detail.

The aim is to deliver a core understanding of the principals of NURBS so that both the advantages and limitations of the topology can be utilized in building clean, efficient and editable geometry. These principals are then put into practice with several architectural exercises during which a range of tools and strategies are utilised.

The course then progresses through the structure as outlined below and finishes with an Introduction to Grasshopper.

Target Audience

Although the class follows a clearly defined structure there is scope for trainees to discuss individual work examples and work on live project examples. This course is the ideal step-up for professionals working in the following industries:

Structural Engineering;
Urban Designers;
Building Envelope Engineers;
Landscape Architects.

Check out the downloadable course outline PDF by visiting the course page on the Simply Rhino website.

6 x 3.5 Hour Sessions + Grasshopper Introduction.


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