Level II Rhino 6 for Windows Online (Mornings) at McNeel Online

6/18/2019 - 6/27/2019
9:00AM-1:00PM (PDT)

Seattle, Washington

Course Description:
In this advanced two-week class you will learn to take advantage of Rhino's advanced features. You will also learn tips and tricks for making high quality models faster and easier. The class will be conducted in English using the GoToTraining software. You will need the Rhino 6 for Windows software installed. Note, the Rhino for Mac is not acceptable software for this class.
You will need a stable and fast Internet connection. You will need a headset/mic combo.
In the first session there will be an orientation to learning with the GoToTraining, meet the instructor, set the schedule and find out what materials you need for the training.

McNeel Online (map)
All times listed are PDT.
Seattle, WA
United States

To Register:
e-mail: Jody Mills
phone: (206) 634-4571