Rhino Introductory Level 1 ONLINE Course (7 x 3.5-hour sessions 1:30pm to 5pm UK Time) at Simply Rhino Limited Online Training

1/23/2023 - 2/6/2023

All UK, All UK
£540 + VAT

Course Description:
Simply Rhino are the No 1 Rhino 3D Trainers in the U.K. We offer a large range of courses and, most importantly, a choice of trainers to suit your discipline.

This live online Rhino Level 1 course is suitable for beginners from all disciplines and offers the best introduction to Rhino v7 (you can also use Rhino v6 if required).

This training course takes place over 7 x sessions of 3.5-hours each. It is a Certified Rhino Level 1 course with an experienced and Authorised Rhino Trainer.

Full Course Description available upon request and within the webpage linked to on the Simply Rhino website.

Student Pricing Available - see link for more details.

Simply Rhino Limited Online Training
Online from Authorised Rhino3d Training Centre
All UK, None
United Kingdom

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phone: +44 (0)20 8498 9900