Grasshopper Level 1 - 7-Week Afternoon ONLINE Class (3-6pm UK Time) at Simply Rhino Limited Online Training

1/19/2023 - 3/2/2023

All UK, All UK
£540 + VAT

Course Description:
Join Simply Rhino's experienced Grasshopper3D trainers for your perfect introduction to Grasshopper with our live online certified course: ' Improving your Workflow using Parametric Tools'.

The aim of this Grasshopper course is to improve your workflow with Grasshopper3D and to give you an overall understanding of parametric thinking.

We will explore all the native tools of Grasshopper and their relationship to Rhinoceros as well as their data structure and general concepts such as data types, data matching and lists.

The class is aimed at complete beginners in Grasshopper and parametric thinking but it is preferable to have an intermediate level in Rhinoceros.

Although Grasshopper is mostly used for design, the class is about parametric thinking and workflow and therefore is not addressed at a specific profession. Over the past several years of delivering GHL1 we had architects, engineers, industrial designers, jewellery designers, contractors, project managers and artists attending the class.

Student Discount Available - see website for details.

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