Rhino 3 Day - Rhino 3D Modeling at MagneticVisions

8/4/2020 - 8/6/2020
Rhino 3-Day (Tue,Wed,Thurs) Aug 4,5,6 9:00am-5:00pm

Providence, Rhode Island
US $575.00

Course Description:
● Certificate issued upon request

● No experience required

● This course is for all industries and disciplines

● Presented logically, utilizing experience with traditional skills, this hands-on course will guide you through the parts of
Rhino that can be confusing, understanding 3D space and viewport directions, and the NURBS surface structure. While promoting good modeling techniques, multiple surface tools, and modeling approaches, are covered, applicable across all industries. The class structure is relaxed, promoting participation and sharing of knowledge.

● Surfaces covered: Edge curves, Extrude, Sweep1 rail, Sweep2 rails, Revolve, Loft, Network curves, Patch etc.
Methods covered: Fillet, Blend, Booleans, Image reference and tracing, 3D to 2D plan and Surface flattening, Text etc.
Rendering: Object color, Texture map, Reflectance map, Bump map, Lights.
Fabrication Overview: Understanding 3D printing, CNC machine processes and modeling for fabrication.
Grasshopper Overview: Transitioning from Rhino to Grasshopper and parametric modeling.

● Complete custom documentation, is provided to allow class time to be utilized becoming comfortable using Rhino, and ensure, after the class you will be able to repeat and reference model construction, to create your own 3D models.

● There are no hidden costs.
Everything is provided in class, bring only a flash drive to copy extra files to take home with you.

● This course, can be repeated at no extra charge within 1 year of original registration. (subject to space and schedule availability)

● Group and Corporate training packages available, at MagneticVisions or at your Corporate site.


Providence, RI 02809
United States

To Register:
e-mail: Co-ordinator
phone: (347)534-7558