Rhino Level 1 for Jewellery Design (7 x Sessions) ONLINE Course at Simply Rhino Limited Online Training

1/23/2023 - 3/13/2023

All UK, All UK
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Course Description:
This course is intended for those who currently work professionally or who wish to work professionally in fine jewellery design, but who are relatively new to Rhino NURBS modelling software in a jewellery design context.

Absolute beginners to CAD design are welcome on this course as well as those already familiar with the basics of 3D computer-based design using other software.

This comprehensive course starts with an introduction to the Rhino interface before moving on to the fundamentals of 2D curve construction and their use in creating cross sections for solid modelling. We then introduce the key tools of solid creation in Rhino one by one in the context of common jewellery forms—solitaire rings, eternity rings, bezel settings, claw settings, rubover settings, rex settings, pearl settings, and pinched shanks. Throughout these exercises, we will discuss important tolerance considerations for 3D printing models to use in precious metals casting. We will also discuss creating STL files for rapid prototyping (such as 3D printing). Various presentation and rendering processes will also be considered.


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