Rhino Level 2 ONLINE Course (6 x 3.5-hour) Sessions at Simply Rhino Limited Online Training

1/16/2023 - 2/2/2023

All UK, All UK
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Course Description:
This unique course is only available through Simply Rhino Limited the UK's No. 1 Rhino Training Centre.

This recently revised course is geared toward design and engineering professionals of all disciplines who have a good basic understanding of Rhino but wish to improve their overall knowledge and become more confident and productive.

The course contains both intermediate and advanced level material and concentrates on explaining NURBS topology in more detail before moving on to practical examples demonstrating efficient modelling techniques, modelling strategy and advanced surfacing.

Although the class follows a clearly defined structure there is scope for trainees to discuss individual work examples and work on live project examples. This course is the ideal step-up for professionals working in the following industries:

Product Design
Furniture Design
Jewellery Design
Artists and Sculptors
Film and TV | Set Design
POS and Structural Packaging
Automotive Industries

This comprehensive class starts with a refresher on Rhino basics before moving on to an understanding of NURBS topology. This understanding is then applied to a number of exercises detailing the creation of clean, optimised geometry and controlled freeform shapes.

Modelling strategy is covered in a number of ways including an exercise taking a project from initial hand drawn sketches through to a 3D block model and finally a fully detailed shelled model with ribs, bosses and production features. Strategies to manage large models are examined along with tips for exporting and importing data. The creation of 2D drawing information is also explained along with a special section on creating STL files for rapid prototypes and 3D printing. Various presentation and rendering processes are also considered.

Check out the downloadable course outline PDF by visiting the course page on the Simply Rhino website.

6 x 3.5 Hour Sessions.


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