Rhino III - ONLINE COURSE - 4 weeks at FIT - Cont. Education - ONLINE COURSES

4/22/2021 - 5/21/2021
students log in any time 24/7

New York, New York

Course Description:
CTD-432 OL : ONLINE COURSE - students log onto to the course website for syllabus, reading, and videos that back up chapters in the book.

In this course we will continue to focus on the creation of 3-D surfaces and solids. Students will continue to learn further the creation, manipulation and editing of 3-D objects for the making of 3-D models.

This course is taught on the PC. It is advised that you have a PC version of Rhino to work on for home study and homework.

There will be weekly required homework assignments.

Optional Text: RHINO 6.0 FOR JEWELRY by Dana Buscaglia (available at FIT bookstore or PDF files of relevant chapters will be provided.

Prerequisite: completion of Rhino II

Instructor: Dana Buscaglia, Digital Designer & Model Maker, Certified Rhino Instructor, Adjunct Faculty, Fashion Institute of Technology Jewelry Design Dept.

Dates: 4/22/21 - 5/18/21

students log in any time 24/7

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