C# Scripting & Plugin Development for Grasshopper - Advanced ONLINE at Simply Rhino Limited Online Training

6/5/2020 - 6/7/2020

All UK, All UK

Course Description:
This 3-day advanced online course will focus on advanced aspects of C# scripting and plugin programming for Grasshopper. In addition to going in-depth with Rhino geometries, custom graphics display, and Rhino-Grasshopper interaction, we will learn various techniques that can vastly improve code performance and significantly speed up execution time (including using multi-thread parallel computing and using spatial data structures e.g. R-Tree to accelerate 3D search operations). We will also discuss and demonstrate good programming practices for organizing and structuring code to allow more reusability, extensibility and maintainability.

Simply Rhino Limited Online Training
Online from Authorised Rhino3d Training Centre
All UK, None
United Kingdom

To Register:
e-mail: Paul Cowell
phone: 020 8498 9900