Grasshopper Individual Course for Professionals (English - 18 hours) at Marco Traverso

10/20/2019 - 11/18/2019
6-9 remote sessions of 2-3 hours each. Flexible schedule, to be arranged based on availability and timezone differences

Roma, Lazio

Course Description:
Interactive Classes taught in English, held online using Skype

The course is designed for those who are already familiar with the Grasshopper user interface and workflow and want to delve into specific areas of interest.

Grasshopper Online Course

Learn Efficiently: Learn Grasshopper with a private, expert tutor, with a constant feedback and focusing just on the things you need.

Fully Personalized: The classes are interactive and based on your specific requirements, and email support is available for the entire course duration.

Watch the class later: each class is recorded and made available for download as a 1080p video file, so you can watch it later and keep it for future reference.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: after the first hour of training if you are not 100% happy you can request a total refund, no questions asked.

Grasshopper Online Course

The topics covered are largely defined by the course attendant: they can include advanced pattern and texture modeling, freeform surfaces, parametric design, algorithm design optimization, best practices, data management etc.


To give an idea, below is a list of possible / common topics for the course:

- different types of 3D and 3D patterns
- how to use point and curve attractors
- how to project patterns on complex geometries
. how to control pattern dimensions (tolerances, distances from borders, distance among shapes, etc)
- how to control pattern direction and distortion
- masking pattern shapes with curves, randomization
- using graph mappers and image samplers for controlling pattern design
- morphing shapes and patterns into complex surfaces - different methods
- difference between surfaces and meshes for pattern design - Pros and Cons
- modeling patterns with meshes - transforming meshes into high quality NURBS/SubD
- realtime visualization: rendering Grasshopper geometries with lighting and materials using the Rendered mode or the Cycles Raytraced mode for realtime visualization
- basics of data tree structure with examples
- how to use integrate Grasshopper with external CAD software (SolidWorks, PTC Creo or other) to apply patterns
- using ShapeDiver to present/share parametric models online to customers or as an internal design review tool


Marco Traverso
Via Paul Cezanne 11
Corsi Grasshopper per Architetti e Designer
Roma, 00178

To Register:
e-mail: Marco Traverso
phone: +39 347 1104253