LucidShape is a powerful 3D system for computer aided design of lighting and optical product function. Its strengths are interactive tools for design, simulation, analysis, and documentation of lighting or optical products. Light manipulating geometry ('shapes') may be calculated under optical conditions and a rapid ray trace algorithm gives a prediction for the intended product's function. Several examination and documentation tools for shapes and light data support the development process. CAD data as well as photometry data can be imported and exported. LucidShape consists of: · The interactive development environment LucidStudio to execute all design tasks and to display and analyze geometry and simulation results. · A script interpreter LucidShell which can be used to perform all tasks through a script procedure written in a C-like language. · A rich tool box LucidObject with components used to build a complex lighting simulation, or a 'digital lighting mock up'. · The LucidFunGeo module which allows the design of 'functional geometry' in lighting like free form reflectors and lenses. LucidShape is also an ideal framework for Product Function Design in any technical and physical area. For your special need we can tailor an individual design system for you. Please call for more information.

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Willi Brandenburg, Brandenburg GmbH

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