Rhino Thumbnail Viewer

Rhino ThumbView is a Windows Explorer context menu extension that provides image preview for Rhinoceros V3 and V4 files

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Mike Dejanovic,

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Crashes 1/13/2011 'Jimmy' из Jimmy
While the viewer works as described, it also crashes explorer.exe from time to time on xp and windows7. Other than this issue, this is a great probram
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good 2/27/2010 'kapong' из kapong
Yeap. I works perfectly! Thank you for sharing your feedback about this review. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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FANTASTIC CONTRIBUTION 8/2/2012 'Juan Galvan' из Juan Galvan
It is a great contribution for which we use Rhino. I highly recommend it
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crashes explorer.exe 6/5/2012 'Frederik Hinz Andersen' из Frederik Hinz Andersen
If you have a few big files it will crash explorer. Thanks for nothing :-)
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obo 6/15/2007 'ibrahim' из ibrahim
good program
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Review Rhino Thumbnail Viewer 12/17/2006
Yeap. I works perfectly!