A.Rochian Boat Design Finite Elements Analysis Boat Design in Rhino 5.0, Scan&Solve FEA plugin

X43 Flybridge Motor Yacht  Finite Elements Analysis Scan and Solve Rhino 5.0X 43 Flybridge Motor Yacht  Hull FEA  Analysis 

Free Downloadable  Rhino CAD 3D Model   of a  typical Boat  Bottom Framing.The Rhino model does includine  a very basic  FEA  Analysis by Scan& Solve  of  a  typical Motor Boat Hull Bottom Framing with Diesel on.

The FEA  SnS analysis  Parameters: Loads  applied as Vector Force  on the  engine stringers  at the  engines supports  locations surfaces .

Vectorial  Force  of  a magnitude : 10000 N  on each of the four  engine supports locations.Direction Vertical   Y-Y 

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Andrei Rochian, L&A Maritime SRL

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