The Math Plug-In calculates smooth degree 3 curves and surfaces based on parametric equations. You can edit and save the math data. Then load the parametric math data by a single click on the preview image in the library browser.

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Jess Maertterer, 3DE
+49 2861 980730

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3.0 only 8/15/2008 'Anonymous'
This plug-in was great but has not been updated to Rhino 4.0. Limited usefulness.
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great plugin for mathematical geometry enthusiasets 7/6/2004
this plugin works seamlessly with rhino and is very easy to use - just type in the equation of the curve or surface, range, point count, and a variable of your own to control the equations - if you wish to, and you will witness the magic of math in 3d space. the resulting surface can be manipulated and combined with other rhino objects seamlessly. it can also be analyzed and if one whishes even manufactured (i.e. by rapid prototyping).