Detail Prints for Rhino

A control that allows the user to set predefined layout attributes for multiple objects at a time. It will optionally insert relevant text into a layout print and import a title block. A scaling option can automatically determine the best scale for the size print you are making or you can choose a manual scale size. Changes can quickly be made to the size, display mode and orientation of the layouts before creating them. Choose to lock details to prevent accidental changes from occurring.

Made a mistake? You can quickly delete all or selected layouts in a design and recreate them.

Newly created objects showing up in your finished layouts? No problem, run the “Hide New Objects” command to hide all instances of them in existing layouts.

Ready to print? Batch and multiple print options allow you to print desired layouts at once.

 (tested in V5 beta x86 and x64)

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Don Lewis, JDL Software

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