Advanced Rhino Training Videos

This 8 hour narrated training course takes your Rhino skills to the next level. Authored by expert Brian DiNola, this course uses a practical hands-on format to teach Rhino, and working files accompany the training, allowing users to follow the example projects at their own pace should they wish to do so. 

In this training course Brian DiNola teaches real techniques to overcome the issues created by the ever increasing complexity of 3D models and prototypes that face the commercial user. His teaching style is both informative and engaging.

Topics covered in this course are of a more advanced nature and users should either already have a solid grasp of Rhino fundamentals or have reviewed our Beginners Rhino training video. In this course Brian covers advanced techniques such as Hole Arrays, Wirecutting, using Mesh techniques, as well as extensive instruction on advanced scripting methods, using Command Scripting, RhinoScript and VBScripting. As well as showing you the techniques, Brian brings it all together with project-based sections, applying the techniques he is teaching in real-world examples.

The training is available either on physical DVD or via a digital download. The Advanced and Beginners Rhino titles can also be purchased together in a discounted bundle

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Colin Boyd, Infiniteskills

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impressive 3/29/2011 'Mark Harris' из Mark Harris
Great people Product offers step by step learning for a new or advanced user.
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Excellent follow up to Infiniteskills Beginners Rhino 4 training 1/6/2011 'Bill Isenberger' из Bill Isenberger
The Infiniteskills Advanced Rhino training is taught by Brian DiNola, author of the excellent Infiniteskills Beginners Rhino 4 training tutorials. The advanced training picks up where the Beginners Rhino 4 training leaves off. It covers additional Rhino commands and features, and it demonstrates their use through exercises. I especially liked the part on command scripting (macros). It has improved my work flow dramatically. Bill