madCAM® integrated with Rhinoceros® is not only cost-effective. It provides a powerful competitive
CAD / CAM solution that is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

madCAM is a 3D CAM plug-in for Rhino that gives the operator the ability to perform both modeling and toolpath creation inside Rhino 3D. All menus for controlling madCAM and generated toolpaths are inside Rhino and stored together with your model. Developed for toolmaking (Mould And Die) as well as for prototype productions. madCAM generates a non-collision toolpath with excellent cutting action. Used where demand for accuracy and perfect surface smoothness is required. Meant for the NC-operator who demands an easy-to-use and efficient system. It facilitates effective manufacturing in a short period of time.

  • Gives the operator the ability to perform both modeling and toolpath creation inside Rhino 3D.
  • Generates a non-collision toolpath with excellent cutting action.
  • Handles all 3D- models that Rhinoceros® can handle.
  • Intelligent tool path strategies.
  • Supports 3,4 and 5 axis toolpath generation.
  • Supports continuous 4 and 5 axis toolpath generation. 
  • Adaptable machine setup and save to file option.
  • Machines can contain tool library, postprocessor, external dll for kinematics and simulation etc.
  • Customizable post processors for different kind of controlling systems.
  • Powerful and easy to use.

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Joakim Möller, madCAM AB
+46 498 50037

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Very promising development ! 7/3/2003
As a novice in CNC-milling with conventional CNC-machine’s, (we work with an 6-axis heavy duty industrial robot equipped with an high-speed cutter) I downloaded MadCam just to have a look at it. As there is no affordable CAM-software on the market for this kind of installations, I have been searching the last two years the web and have evaluated many CAM-packages including some high-end software. What I have seen so far from MadCam together with Rhinoceros, I think it’s a bargain. Developer Joakim Möller informed me that the first commercial release will have an adaptable post-processor, so I hope I can seamless export tool paths to our robot off-line programming software for further robot specific programming.
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So easy and convenient 3/5/2008 'bruno Jacquet' из bruno Jacquet
As owner of a small CNC machine and luthier I am very pleased by the simplicity and integration of MadCam in Rhino. In 20min I can design 2 entirely new pickup cavities and be ready to tranfer the tool path to the CNC. Great Job!!!!!!!
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Best CAM for Rhino period 9/10/2009 'SK' из SK
This is the best professional CAM software you can get for Rhino 3D period. I have used Rhino Cam and a few others and this seems to do everything they do but a little easier. The new version gives you a cool display of the CNC table while you watch the toolpaths cut the work piece in 4 and 5 axis. The only flaw I see is that the documentation for getting started is a little vague. It takes patience to get the swing of it, but once you know a few things it's dead easy and funto use. The 2.5D functions on it are very powerful as well. It's well worth the price, and I hope the software developer keeps the price as reasonable as it grows in the future.
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Excellent work 2/18/2007
I'm just a hobbyist doing only 3 axis work, but this is what I've noticed: - Seamless integration within Rhino. - Very intuitive and easy to use - Modern code (not old code written for different platforms sloppily ported to Windows and/or Rhino) - Produces very efficient tool paths - Currently offering free competitive upgrades I highly recommend it. Mike
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ライノでデザイン検証や試作に最適なCAMです 10/13/2009 'sisaku' из sisaku
小規模な事務所で販売コンサルとデザイナーをしています。 デザインしたものを作ろうと機械を中古で購入しましたが、3DのCAMが高価なので、あきらめかけたところでした。 GOOGLEで調べたところ、日本語版が、 にあり、このmadCAMを試用し、充分な機能が安くあったことから、購入しました。 販促として、ライノで女の子や動物のキャラをモデリングし、madCAMのチュートリアルでの携帯電話の裏表の加工を見ながらやりました。 すごく綺麗に仕上がりますので、非常に良いと思います。
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Very nicely done 8/10/2005
Personally, it has done a great job so far. We run six axis, and this lets us get into the very fine detail. We use this to generate the 3-axis mill code, then rotate parts in Rhino on the A & B axis to minimize cut time. When done, we have our full 6 axis code in a matter of minutes. The penciling is great. The algorythms are tight. Our CNC code was exceeding 500,000+ lines per part (full 3D, complex parts, close tolerances, averaging 43,000 minimum faces). This has kept tolerance and cut about half the time off the time. The interface is native to Rhino. You don't have to leave the environment. The program will create a mesh of the final cut. It will show you the reality of what you are going to get, not what you just imagine. It really helps to refine the process to get the best possible part with the shortest time. It almost disappoints you if you are trying to reduce machine time and see rough area because you tried to cut corner too much (infinitely better to do in the computer than on the mill). It fits our way of doing things. Kudos.
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wonderful software 5/6/2008 'Mike' из Mike
I manufacture a wide variety of parts, most of which are 3d carvng in wood or foam. I use Madcam and am extrememly pleased with it's performace. I personally have had few problems, and almost all of those were quickly resolve with either an email or a ph call from Joakim. Support is second to none. The new 4 and 5 axis functions and the promise of even better features is making the carving an even easier process.
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Now I'm a Happy CNC Programer 2/13/2011 'George M. (Mike) Brittain' из George M. (Mike) Brittain
As an experience CAD/CAM user I have to give madCam a big thumbs up. It has all that I had been wishing for as a perfect CAM plug-in Rhino3D for years. Previously I had to save drawings in various file formats and then open them in another CAD/CAM program to produce the code for my machine. It has cut my programming time down significantly. My learning curve was short. In only a few days I was ready to post code to my router. At first glance the program looked a little lite, but as I got into it the functionality was there to work nicely with Rhino3D. If you are a newbie this can only make your life easier. In addition, the develper, Joakim Moller is very quick to respond if you have questions.
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Excellent priced CAM for Rhino 7/27/2004
Our company manufactures custom Electrical Instruments & Switchboards. We have an AXYZ Automation router (MultiCam M1 in Aust.) of which most of the time is utilised in 2D /2.5D work. We have required full 3D ability and gave MadCam a trial, (our current software is totally inadequate). MadCam is very user friendly & the support is excellent +plus+plus+. International phone calls & email toolpaths! - direct from MadCam, true. Beat that! We only wish that our 2.5D work with a V cutter could be so easy as full 3D.
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Great 10/31/2009 'Ricard' из Ricard
This is the perfect program , fully integrated in Rhino. 3,4 or 5 axis, it´s simple and it keeps getting better and better.