AutoStereogram PlugIn for Rhinoceros 4.0

AutoStereograms are pictures, which allow you to get a real 3D view from repeating patterns.

This free PlugIn creates AutoStereograms known as SIRDS (Single Image Random Dot Stereogram) directly in Rhinoceros 4.0.

Create SIRDS stereograms directly in Rhinoceros

AutoStereogram is a free .NET PlugIn for Rhinoceros 4.0, and is multilingual (english, german, spanish, italian, french).

You can get more information (sorry, only in german) about it from at:


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Michael Meyer, flexiCAD e.K.
++49 89 75940506

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Back to Magic Eye 2/22/2009 'Stefan Brodinski' из Stefan Brodinski
Hi..., very nice fun plug-in. Remembers me to the good old times of the Magic Eye books from the nineties. Also you get easily the z-Buffer for e.g. heightfields. Stefan Brodinski
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Great 3d vision 8/3/2009 'PROTOway' из PROTOway
Absolutely nice and amazing 3d vision. See some examples here: