SPC for Rhino

The structural calculation using finite elements, such as beams, brings about the introduction of a series of parameters including the shear centre and the shear and torsion factors. This plugin calculates, other than all inertial parameters (mass gravity center, inertial moments, etc.), these factors for generic cross-sections that are connected, but are free from detached cross-sections (typically cross-sections made from steel), whose surroundings (external and internal) are in staggered lines, thus providing an automatic calculation procedure through the solution to the two Neumann boundary value conditions related to shear and torsion stresses. The solution to the problem also allows the calculation of the values of the tangential tensions coming from these stresses. SPC for Rhino permits to show the torsion displacement diagram and the tangential tensions flow lines diagram.

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ottimo 8/20/2007 'B. Leone' из B. Leone
Setup semplice e professionale, ottimo plugin e molto preciso. Disponibile help in linea (inglese)
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Great Work! 9/9/2007 'Vinc' из Vinc
Very useful plugin, easy to install. The calculation is very fast and precise.